Difficult Position

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"What? Bai Lixiong dares to attack our Lin family?"

When Lin Ao heard this, a hint of anger appeared on his face.

Lin Ao glanced at the Blood Alliance elder beside him and cupped his hands.

"Sir, I'll be right back."

The Blood Alliance elder glanced at his injured companion and Lin Juelong before nodding.

"If anything happens, you can tell me. The might of the Blood Alliance is not something these ants can mess with."

"Yes, Sir."

Lin Ao left the room and rushed toward the main hall, where more than a dozen of the family's experts were standing guard.

"Bai Lixiong, I heard that you went to the border. Why are you back so soon?" Lin Ao laughed heartily.

"It seems that you really want me to leave…" Bai Lixiong snorted.

His eyes narrowed as he took out a document from his pocket.

"Lin Ao, I'm here for two things! First, Lin Juelong has lost the battle in the martial arts arena, so hand over Ye Tianzheng."