Ye Chen listened to Ji Siqing's explanation and curiously glanced at the stairs that extended from the foot of the mountain to the top.

Although it was far away, the pressure he could sense from it was also very strong.

It was as if there was a pair of eyes staring at Ye Chen from within it, cold and bloodthirsty.

"Is this the only choice?" Ye Chen asked.

"Yes, unless you're willing to apologize to Mr. Jingshui." Ji Siqing nodded.

"Ye Chen, although I despise Mr. Jingshui's despicable actions, and even feel a little disgusted, this is how the Kunlun Mountains work. Within this thousand-mile radius, few can match his authority and strength.

"If you offend him, it will be very troublesome. There might even be many sects and factions that will try and hunt you down to curry favor with him."

"After all, there are some despicable and shameless cultivators in the Kunlun Mountains who will do anything to please a person."