The driver saw the five hundred yuan and chuckled. "Alright! We'll go wherever you want."

Of course he was happy to comply. After all, he only needed 40 yuan worth of fuel for this trip, which meant that he would earn a tidy profit of 460 yuan.

Ye Chen looked through the car window at the Qinghe building, which was still covered in thick smoke. His eyes narrowed.

"Dad, in three days, I want everyone in River Cty to know that your Heavenly Justice group has returned!"

Taining Road, west of the city, in a certain building.

Bai Libing noticed that the car she had been pursuing had stopped. She did not dare to continue driving closer, so she directly parked the car in a concealed location, got out, and carefully followed behind the men.

"I was wondering why I couldn't locate their headquarters. It turned out to be all the way over here."