The shape of this device was somewhat similar to a mobile phone, but it was much more advanced. It was infused with spiritual energy.

"Sect Master, bad news! Something big has happened! Just a moment ago, a hundred life tokens shattered! Furthermore, both Lord Lei and Elder Zheng have fallen!"

A terrified voice was heard from the other end of the line. Although the voice was very soft, it was simple for the powerful cultivators at this gathering to overhear the conversation.

Their expressions changed slightly, as they sucked in a breath of cold air!

The Blood Battle Hall was one of the Blood Alliance's strongest forces. How could something like this happen?

At this moment, Jian Ruxue's face turned ashen. He had dispatched this hundred-man to seek out Ye Shitian, so their deaths definitely had something to do with the latter.

He really did not expect that such a monstrous existence could be born in a place where spiritual energy was scarce!