Jiang Huai spurted out blood, and his face turned pale!

Krak! Kacha!

Vaguely, everyone below could clearly hear the sound of bones breaking.

Seconds later, Jiang Huai screamed in pain. His voice was heart-wrenching, and everyone saw his body thrown back by the impact.

He could sense just how heavily injured he was. However, seeing that he was about to fall out of the arena, he forced out a drop of blood essence, and blood mist enveloped his entire body.

At the same time, he took out a golden pill and consumed it, after which his body felt better.

His right hand grabbed onto one of the edges of the arena as he prepared to propel himself back to the center, but he suddenly realized that a young man holding a cat had already appeared in front of him!

His expression changed drastically. He no longer cared about his reputation, and launched a sneak attack by shooting out an arrow from his sleeve.