Birthday Party (Part 2)

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The atmosphere became a little tense.

Xia Ruoxue's mother's expression changed drastically, and she hurriedly said to Qin Yuanqiang, "Mr. Qin, my daughter is just joking. She will definitely go..."

"I said I'm not going. Also, Mom, didn't you promise me that I could stay in River City for a while?" Xia Ruoxue said in a serious tone.

She knew very well that there were some things that she had to fight for! 

If she went to the Qin family's villa at this time, things would likely spiral out of her control. 

Qin Yuanqiang's expression had already darkened. His voice turned cold as he released a wave of pressure. 

"My young master doesn't like to be rejected. He doesn't like it at all. Once he's unhappy, the consequences will be very serious…"

Just as he was about to continue, a burst of hearty laughter interrupted him, and also dispersed the pressure Qin Yuanqiang was exuding.