Birthday Party (Part 1)

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"Was there an ability user involved?"

Mental ability users could indeed erase the memories of others.

Lei Shuwei stood up abruptly and walked over to Ying Qing. His fingers grabbed the button on Ying Qing's chest and pulled it off!

"Did I do something wrong…"

Lei Shuwei ignored Ying Qing and asked, "Are you wearing the clothes I asked you to yesterday?"

"Yes!" Ying Qing nodded.


Lei Shuwei tore open the button and revealed a tiny chip.

Then, he carefully placed the chip into a device and plugged it into the computer.

Ying Qing was stunned. He did not expect that such a sophisticated device was hidden in his button. In fact, this was beyond Luo Yuntian's expectations as well. 

Lei Shuwei opened the video file on the computer, and the scene at the martial arts arena started playing.