Auction (Part 2)

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"I bid 1,000!"

However, just as the bids were tapering off, a hearty voice was suddenly heard from the luxurious private room.

This was from the Blood Alliance!

"The people from the Blood Alliance have made their move!"

Shen Shixi's expression changed drastically when he heard the voice.

"It seems that the Blood Alliance is also eyeing the Archaic Illusory Reality Pill!"

Ye Chen frowned.

"Xue Fenghua, when did you become interested in pills? I'm sorry, but my Ji family wants this Archaic Illusory Reality Pill!"

Before the Blood Alliance expert could finish speaking, another voice chimed in from the Ji family's private room.

Obviously, the leader of the Blood Alliance's group this time was called Xue Fenghua.

The Blood Alliance and the Ji family started arguing on the spot, and soon, the price had been raised to 1,500 spirit stones, which was a crazy price for an incomplete medicinal pill!