Are You Threatening Me?

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While everyone was panicking, Ye Chen appeared in front of Deng Botian and grabbed the latter's neck. The force he exerted caused Deng Botian's to start to bleed.

It was a shocking sight.

This time, those experts from the Fallen Sword sect who were prepared to attack did not dare to move, for fear of endangering Deng Botian's life.

The atmosphere was extremely oppressive.

An elder from the Fallen Sword sect who had a good relationship with Deng Botian stepped forward and said threateningly, "Ye Chen, if you dare to kill Deng Botian, the consequences will be severe!"

"Heed my warning! If you touch him, not only will the Ye family be buried with you today, but all of Huaxia!"

Sect Master Sun did not speak. He held a sword in his hand, which was overflowing with spiritual energy.

In his eyes, although Ye Chen was strong, the outcome was set in stone. If he made a move, this kid would definitely die.