Another Massacre

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The blood dragon absorbed blood energy and used it to grow stronger. 

Ye Chen knew that the blood dragon would become extremely terrifying in the future!

However, the Blood Dragon needed an opportunity to complete its transformation and become corporeal.

Dragon roars kept coming from inside Ye Chen's body, and crackling sounds could be heard.

"Master, leave these guys to me!" Huang Zhantian took a step forward and cupped his fists.

Ye Chen glanced at Huang Zhantian expressionlessly and nodded.

After Huang Zhantian got Ye Chen's permission, he immediately rushed forward. His sword aura shook the entire valley, and it was incomparably powerful!

"Everyone, kneel, or die!"

A shout resounded throughout the valley, shocking everyone.

"Zhantian, why are you with Ye Shitian? Ye Shitian killed our family's disciples!" Huang Wuqiang asked. The spear in his hand glowed as runes surrounded the spear.