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When Ye Chen heard the words 'Senior Sister Ruo', he almost fell to the ground.

He really could not bring himself to call an ancient cultivator like her Senior Sister.

Furthermore, Ye Luo called him Mr. Ye. Was this not a complete mess?

He glanced at Ye Luo, only to find that the latter was covering her mouth and laughing secretly.

Senior Ruo sensed that something was wrong. She looked at Ye Chen and continued, "If you can't call me Senior Sister, just call me Sect Master Ruo. You must never call me Senior again."

"Alright." Ye Chen nodded.

Sect Master Ruo glanced at Ye Chen and forced out a drop of her blood essence. Her fingers quickly formed a seal, and with a wave of her hand, the room around them changed color.

The formation in the room was torn apart, and Ye Chen felt a ray of light enveloping him.

"What secret technique is this? Formation? No?"