A 100,000-Dollar Consultation Fee!

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That night, when Sun Yi got off from work, she wanted to check if Ye Chen was angry. After all, her words from that morning could be slightly hurtful.

When she saw that Ye Chen had bought a ton of random banners, however, she really began to lose her temper.

She felt bad for his misfortunes, but she was angry at his own uselessness! 

She had thought that her advice would wake him up, and she was even hoping that he had gone to work like an honest man. What she did not expect was to find that not only had Ye Chen not found a proper job, he had instead resorted to even more scams and lies!

This time, he was not lying to her, but to others! That was even worse!

Ye Chen noticed that Sun Yi was back too, and he was about to tell her about his plan when she rushed up to him angrily and berated him furiously, "Could you be any more childish? Why can't you find a proper job?"