The Disciple of Death Book

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The Disciple of Death


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An Average Teen Name: Higurashi Abyss and His Twin Sister Higurashi Mei Invited Abyss's Lover To Have Dinner In their Home. When they were about to swallow the spoon of Onigiri, The Three of them Got Summoned in a Place with a Huge And Spooky Trees Around them. After Realising they're not in Tokyo anymore they decided to Find out where they are but when they got on a riverside a tragedy triggered by a Knight with a Black Helmet and Armor. After The Tragedy Abyss got rescued by an Old man And Trained him To Become a Strong Person In order to Rescue Abyss Twin Sister and Avenged the Death of his Lover. After He Trained 3 Years, The Old Man Introduced Abyss to the Emperor of Crimson and Registered Abyss as one of the Adventures. And then Abyss Go to a Adventure where he Meet his Friends And Join Forces to Defeat the Black Armored Knight and Rescue Abyss Twin Sister, Will they Succeed or Another Tragedy will Occur?.


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