The Disciple of Aoide
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The Disciple of Aoide


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What is The Disciple of Aoide

Read The Disciple of Aoide novel written by the author Lonelytree on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, magic, videogame. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Due to his lack of proficiency at both sword and magic, Arthur was underestimated and mocked. All Arthur had going for him was his affinity for picking up voices but that was practically useless when it did not translate into magical talent. However, everything changed when the young man met his patron in Aoide, the Goddess of Song and Voice. With the blessing from Aoide, Arthur finally started his journey of adventuring with a form of magic that was unique to his own, the Voice Magic. To those who needed his help, Arthur would lend them his voice and to those who underestimated him, Arthur would show them that even the smallest voice could move the world. Cover taken from Devainart. Dragon Bard by SharksDen. https://www.deviantart.com/sharksden/art/Dragon-Bard-205283978 ... The webnovel that my style of writing resembles the most would be Fang Xiang's Card Apprentice. If you like that type of novel, I believe you'll enjoy this as well. If you like my writing, I would really appreciate it if you sponsor me a cup of coffee at: ko-fi.com/lonelytree


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I recommend that you read this novel before this goes premium! Quite a positive thinker I am, right Lonelytree? Need more OP moments if you want this to be popular... OP whether in intelligence, luck, strength or what so ever....


Lord tree as the fellow before me said pls don't drop this novel as it is interesting P.S : Love the work you do for us in translating my house of horrors.


Lonelytree, please continue this, I'm very intrigued. Please Lord Tree. I need this one, I have to get my fix. My daily dose needs more novel


This fantasy novel pulls you in… The levelness of the author’s writing quality makes this an easy read. I like the format and how I am able to visualize everything that is happening with each chapter and character described. This novel is good, period. If this is your cup of tea, drink from it. You won’t regret the finesse in language structure and MC-Arthur’s enthusiasm. Keep up the good work author…


It's very good novel with interesting mc with interesting power so if you like fantasy novel I would suggest that you will give this novel a try


Reveal spoiler


Keep it upKeep it upKeep it upKeep it upKeep it upKeep it up Keep it up Keep it upKeep it upKeep it upKeep it upKeep it up keep it up keep it up keep it up Keep it up


Pls dont stop posting. Amazing concept, and thus far perfectly executed. ............................................................................................................................................


I recommend this book. The MC definitely has that twists and surprises later as the story develops further. Not too fast paced, and definutely not slow. It's perfect on its own way~


It reads like the MC is a kid who keeps on putting coins into a gumball machine only to get exactly the gumball he wants every time except that the gumball magician's story is probably be more believable than this.


First time actually writing a review on webnovel but ive read all the chapters thus far and im enjoying it so here we go. I love how much the writing has improved since the beginning. The character skill/battle development is a good pace. The characters emotional development is a bit lacking. There is so much we dont know about our main character which takes away from the significance of the different events happening. Just in recent chapters felt like i saw a glimmer of personality in the main character. Definitely need more of that otherwise its just another book with fight scenes. Overall interesting and good enough to keep reading for now. It has the potential to be amazing though if the Author keeps improving.


A very enjoyable novel, with plenty of action. The MC has a pretty unique power,(compared to most other novels at least, lets not talk about ES: V), and the interaction between characters is well written. This novel deserves more attention to be honest. 10/10


Read up to chapter 64 The story is well writen, which is actually quite rare, si that's a good point. It's easier for me to point out things that bother me, so this review may seem a bit negative, but really i believe it's an overall good one. So, i think the story lacks kind of a main storyline. While reading, i felt like going through sidequests. Also i think the characters may be better with more background, (more character development). This is somewhat done for the MC but it could bé developped be it for the MC or side characters (really feel like MC go through people without being influenced in any way) Some World development could be nice, but it's not necessary if you focus on character development and adventures. Overall i think the story lacks some kind of progression being story or character development.


This is one of those few fantasy novels where the MC grows slowly and learns after experiencing stuff albeit a bit faster than others.I also like the fact that all characters have proper characters like real people as even the characters grow. None of the characters are stereotypes.They all seem human. I will support this even if it goes premium.


I love the story keep it up author 😀😀😀😀 I love how you write and how the story progress so far hope to read more of your works in the future


I want to see comic... Why webtoon comic so little... Give me moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Manhwa toooooo... Where are them??? More more more i m exhausted with manhwa manga n comic Mmm


This is the first book i have read with different power. Unlike with some with superstrenght or whatsoever. Worth to read especially for those who wants something new. In addition, i am looking forward for more history of greek gods.


The Story practically reads itself, I haven't noticed any flaws in grammar or spelling! Great work on that part. Story is a good ol' fantasy setting with light gaming elements mixed in, which hits the spot just right for me. Characters don't really stand out negatively, but maybe the Author will work on making them unique and alive a little bit more :) Can recommend!


really good story and its my favrite on the site 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140


The story has been very interesting and the main character has developed well. This story captivated me with its medieval background and the different magic of the protagonist.


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