1 Chapter 1 I had to walk the hall of shame

"What am I gonna do?!" Zach exclaimed to Ryan As their bus went to stop to pick up more children. Ryan smoothed his brown hair and answered his friend's worries "tell Mrs. Yuri duh?! She will understand" Zach looked over with large eyes. " that is a terrible idea! I've done it ten times in the past month!" Ryan was trying to comfort his worried friend but all Zach could think about was the worry. "How about this, tell her it is in the shop" Ryan suggested. Zach's heavy head sinked between his knees. "I already took my trombone to get it adjusted and cleaned" As you can see Zach Is losing hope that this day will be half-decent. Ryan had seemed to give up trying to comfort his friend. "I don't know what to tell you then." He answered again. As the bus drew closer to the high school. Zach had an idea. He looked over at Ryan. " what if I borrowed a school property owned and said it was mine!" Now it was Ryan's turn to give the wide eyes. Ryan can see the wheels turning in Zach's head as usual. He looked over at his friend; he noticed that the worried friend was gone, and was replaced with a self-confident idiot with a terrible plan.

"No it's a great idea!"

"Ms.Yuri will know!"

"No she won't she's never here in the mornings"

"Are you numb or insane I can never tell she is always there in the mornings"

The argument had continued as soon as they got off the bus and as soon as they got into the high school. But it was stopped by Zach's heart. What I mean by Zach's heart I mean his Crush had just caught his eye. It was the lovely clarinet player Ella. the reason that he had fallen for her was that she understood anything that he said though take it for granted she knows when an idiot is an idiot. "Wait up" She called to the boys making the way to the band room. When she caught up. She knew something was wrong. She looked down at Zach's hand to see an item missing. Ella looked up to meet Zach's brown eyes. "Not again" she groaned. Then the self confident idiot with the dumb plan answered. "Don't worry I have plan" Ella smacked herself in the face in disapproval. "Like the last plan?" The moody clarinet player groaned. Ryan giggled "just like the last one."

Zach approached the band room doors and pressed down on the lever handle. He turned to look at his two friends who weren't a hundred percent with the plan. "Trust me it will work this time." He said. He then slipped into the mysterious band room. He peeked into the band office window by the entrance. What he saw was a desk that had a computer fast asleep, and piles and piles of music sitting right next the computer. In fact music surrounded Ms. Yuri in the band office. Shelves upon shelves. Now the desk however sat facing another window that showed the empty band chairs. What had shocked Zach the most was the empty chair in the band office. Usually Ms. Yuri sat there looking for music or simply just to plan out the day's schedule. Zach then walked away to the get to the riser like floor to get to the back of the room to the storage room. The place where his "brilliant plan was to happen." When he opened the door a whole world of instruments in one room. But his eyes only laid on the twelve trombones in the cubby slots in front of him. One by one he began opening the cases until on the fourth case. "This one is bent and broke!" He said loudly, then a cold shiver ran up his spine. "Well hello Zach..." said a familiar voice, one that made Zach jump because it meant no good. He turned around to meet his band teacher.

Ms. Yuri was tall with black hair and glasses. Her clothes were a white long dress shirt with a black vest suit over it with a pocket watch attached to it. A tie accompanied the the vest. Ms. Yuri's hair was up as usually. Usually she was a nice teacher but as of right now she looked pretty stern. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in class?" Zach began to nervously sweat as he began to notice

That his plan terribly failed again. "Ms. Yuri... I was just checking the quality of this instrument." She raised an eyebrow and said calmly but scary like "I don't like liars Zach" she said grabbing the trombone that he was holding. "And besides" she said checking out the instrument. "It's not broken the poor thing was beat up, it's about time I went to take it to the shop." She said with a sad tone in her voice. She then looked up at Zach "get to your class we will discuss on what we should do with this situation." Zach slinked away.

As he walked down the halls to his class he stared at the floor. The sweating may have gone, but the worried feeling deep down inside him had not passed. He paused because of the door infront of him. His classroom that had already started seemed to be really peaceful. But he himself even knew that it had to be disrupted sooner or later. He turned the knob ever so slowly. All eyes were on the door and Zach. His science teacher Mrs.Rodway was watching him. The normal heighted woman was always annoyed with everyone. her long brown hair covered her eye, the dress she wore even defined her. She looked over to see Zach as white as a ghost.

"Are you excused Mr. Wyatt?" She asked. Zach shook his head. He felt awkward standing in front. "well then I will have fun talking to your band director." Just then a defensive part of Zach awoke. "What for! I haven't done anything!" He growled. This had startled everyone in the class because he had never talked like that in Mrs.Rodway's class. Even the teacher jumped. "well after that attitude it is settle then, you need to be in more educational classes I'm taking you out of band." That sentence struck Zach hard that the sixteen year old started to cry. "go to your seat and stay after class I will invite your band teacher along as well." There was an uncomfortable shifting in seats among the band kids. Most were shivering others sat with fear. But as Zach made his way to his seat all of them stared at him until Mrs. Rodway began to speak again. He didn't even make the effort of following the lesson. For Zach had not realized that class was already over. Had time passed that quickly? He thought to himself. As all the students had left the class. The only two people who had remained was Mrs.Rodway, who was sitting at her desk putting grades in her gradebook on the computer, And Zach, who found it hard to stop tearing up.

Mrs.Rodway looked over to Zach to see the young boy crying. But it was obvious by her appearance and attitude towards him she showed no remorse. "where is your band director at this time?" She asked Zach who hadn't even budged or moved. He refused to answer her, it would only have brung stronger pain in his stomache. As soon as the door knob started to turn on the classroom door, Zach's heart jumped to the sight and sound of Ms.Yuri. "Mrs.Rodway please explain why I had to leave..." she paused when she saw Zach crying and losing hope. Ms. Yuri met the eyes of the monster who did this. "why is he not with his class..." she said lowering her head while adjusting her glasses. "we need to talk about switching classes." Mrs.Rodway stated with confidence. But something was off when Ms.Yuri lifted her head back up to meet the teacher. Zach noticed something odd about Ms.Yuri. Her eyes were changing colors and so were the shape of the pupils. He caught a glimpse of it when she was adjusting her glasses. "Oh... you mean into more educational classes...I've heard all about that one from my students." The tone of Ms. Yuri's voice darken so much that Zach had never heard it speak itself.

The band director's gaze shifted towards Zach it was when he could truley see her eyes. The purple eyes and the slitted pupils, you think he would have flipped out. But he didn't he stared. "Zach please go to your class and while you are at it please take time to dry your tears." He nodded and walked between the two teachers but as soon as he got closer to Ms.Yuri to look at her eyes. They changed back to the same hazel eyes. He got to the door and looked back at the two teachers. Though you could tell one was pretty pissed off. I think you can figure out who as well. Zach turned the door knob and left the classroom. He paused after closing the door, 'did I see what I see?' He thought to himself. He couldn't believe what he saw so he blamed it on his lack of sleep. He started making his way to the band room. All the kids that were skipping sat in the ventilated hall way, they kept staring at him as they smoked themselves to a new era. One tried to get Zach's attention by yelling "come here you weak bitch" but he simply ignored it. His mind was twisted around what happened twenty minutes ago.

When he finally approached the band room doors. A trumpet player raced out to meet him. "Where have you been!" He had exclaimed at Zach. "what are you talking about?" Zach asked. "Ms.Yuri went looking to find you!" The trumpet player grabbed Zach's hand and pulled him into the band room. Zach was met with everyone staring at him. "there he is." said a clarinet player. Everyone then began to grow quiet. Stephen one of the percussionist in the back ran up to Zach and handed him a trombone case. "Ms.Yuri said give this to you when you came back." He took the trombone and sat down in his seat along with the other trombone players. As he got out the trombone and started to warm up with the other band kids. The band door swung open and everyone had completely stopped.

Ms.Yuri walked over to her stand and stood there for awhile, looking down at the music and not saying a word. Which made the band shift in their seat or position if you were including the percussionist. A mouse could be heard in the walls due to the silence. "Children, I want you to know something." Ms.Yuri stated, She adjusted her glasses. "No matter what trouble you are in no matter how stupid the decision is I will stand up for you, do all of you understand?" In almost in perfect unity everyone in the band said "Yes Ma'am." She looked up and saw all of the scared faces. "what... why are all looking at me like I punched your dog in the face?" The band laughed. Even Ms.Yuri laughed at her joke. "Alright enough chatter before we begin I need to talk about something, marching band is starting in a month, do all of you have your music?" All of the hands rose. "Are you guys saying that you don't even have your music!?" She exclaimed. The trumpet section leader said "we don't even know what the show is." She looked over at the section leader. "All of you when you get home check your emails. I also know who the freshman are, you are going to meet them tonight during the social." Zach had forgotten about it along with the rest of his section. "wait the social is tonight!" Said the vice section leader. "Aye I believe it is Adam!" Stated Parker, the trombone section leader. "Are we all comfy about the plan kiddos?" Everyone nodded. "Alright then please pull out Afterlife." Normal noise was finally restored in the band room.

"Now clarinets can we do that sixteenth note run that you guys suck at." Ms. Yuri said picking up her baton. "If you like we can do a pick up." The section leader shook her head. "They are saying it more of distraction doing the pick up." Ms. Yuri tilted her head. "Oh really? Seems like you should work on that during sectionals." Avelyn nodded her head. "Will do ma'am." Ms. Yuri nodded with agreement. "Alright lets what going on here in this run..." she began conducting the fast yet falling apart at the seams. Yet everyone kept hearing a squeaker. "Alright you will be playing individually now so I can find the problem." She went down the row the first six were ok. But as soon as she got to the back row it was chaotic. "Alright I see now all thirds, have all of you been practicing." Three nodded while the other three sat in silence. Zach could tell that they didn't because they never stop talking to each other about video games. Ms. Yuri looked over to Avelyn. "Sectional today?" She nodded. Ms.Yuri looked at the time. "Unfortunately thats all that we can get through today." Everyone rushes to put and clean cases. But Zach finished and put it away however it was because it wasn't his and he didn't know what to do with it. Ms. Yuri went into the band office to sit down and think of what happened when she left. She was about to relax until Zach walked in. "Well hello Zach I see you are bringing the old beast back eh?" She did grabbing the trombone from him. "I also have a question about what happened earlier. " Ms. Yuri laughed. "Mrs.Rodway is something else, oh which reminds you are staying where you are. " Zach gave a puzzling look. "What?" She grabbed his shoulder "your staying in band Zach." His heart had jumped and he gave her hug. "Thank you Ms.Yuri you are the best!" She smiled. "Have good rest of your day Zach you earned after what had happened." For a glimpse Zach saw it again. The eyes changing colors. Now he knew that this time it wasn't on tiredness. "Ms. Yuri why do your eyes change color?" He asked. She sorta jumped. "You saw it too huh?" He nodded. "I'll explain later I think I can trust you but even then I don't know."

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