1 The diary of Gorbush the orc

The diary of Gorbush the orc:

Gorbush found an empty book. It has no writing in it. The elf Gorbush took it from calls it a diary. He says that he wanted to write his life's story on it. But Gorbush can write. So Gorbush finished eating the elf-filth and started to write.

Gorbush learned letters from the Dark Lord who bore the hammer GROND. Gorbush learned letters to keep the inventory of the post in the eastern depths of the first stronghold of the true Dark Lord.

It has been long since then. The world has changed. The lights in the sky came. The ones that burn. One was dimmed by our master so that we may walk under it. The great stronghold fell. The land was broken. The land was left. The lieutenant of true Dark Lord returned. With the banishment of the true Dark Lord he became the dark Lord. He built a fort and called it barad-dur. It was only a small fort by the standard of the old times. But seemed enough until the terrible men came.

I have led men. I have fought men. But these men were as great as the hosts of the thrice cursed elves of the noldor. As numerous as the uncurseble host of the valar. Arrows and bows of steel. Every man in armor fit for a lord. They took away the new lord. But he returned. He had ruined the terrible men. He began a war against the elves, but the dwarves and the remainder of the terrible men fought him. They tore down barad-dur and cut down the dark Lord.

I Garbush saw all these battles. By the fortune of night itself I have escaped them.

This first entry is made of the tales of the life story of Gorbush, Keeper of nand, keeper of fen, keeper of feck, servant of the dark fire. Master crafter of the Orcs, survivor of the world breaking.

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