1 The boy and the vampire.

A dry leaf fell from high in the sky to a mountain on the ground. A brown-haired boy lay on the ground next to the leaf. The boy's clothes were completely worn out, torn, and could hardly be considered adequate for the time of year the cold was noticeable, his lips already a striking violet. His hands, possibly because they had been exposed to the cold for so long, had turned the same color, although the boy showed no interest, pain, or discomfort, he continued to observe the cloudy sky.

"Mom...look there is a boy in the leaves" a mother and her son passed by the boy, the boy pointed with his hand, although his mother instead of showing any interest, observed momentarily and her expression turned into one of disgust and displeasure.

"If you don't study and try hard, you'll end up that way. now come on, you have classes." The mother replied, gripping her son's hand tightly, hurrying his pace, and disappearing into the distance.

"Fuck you, you crazy bitch..." The boy replied, his hoarse, weak voice barely audible.





Suddenly a strange sound was heard approaching the boy, he barely managed to look to his left, it was a street sweeper, who was piling up the leaves.

"¿¡W-what the hell?!" The sweeper upon noticing the boy, couldn't help but raise his voice insulting.

The young boy smiled slightly, he thought someone would finally help him, though his smile would be short-lived.


A firm kick in the ribs was what the boy received at that moment.

"Get off the leaves, you fucking filthy vagrant!" The street sweeper said, after kicking the boy, said street sweeper seemed to have lost his patience as if he had had a bad day, so he had decided to use the young vagrant as his momentary scorn.




the street sweeper walked away.

"I don't want to see you again when I come back, you damn, filthy bums, you should all die..." the sweeper said, walking away, possibly going to sweep somewhere else.


a tear suddenly fell from the boy's face, maybe it had been the kick, but he knew well that it was not because of that, that he had started to cry.

"Why?" The boy asked, his voice barely managing to get out of his mouth, as did the tears in his eyes.

He was not crying from pain, but from anger, the anger of having a life like this, even though he had never done anything wrong.

"Hehehehehehe~ "Why you, you ask?" a mysterious, booming, mocking voice suddenly echoed in the young man's head.

"..." The boy looked left and right, up and down without moving his head, his eyes scanned all around him and even he thought he had finally gone crazy, although seeing no one, maybe he was imagining it.

"Child...do you not see me or are you just ignoring me?" the mysterious voice spoke again, sounding closer than before, almost as if it was next to or in front of the boy.

"I can't...I can't see you..." the boy replied, his weak voice trying to articulate words and barely able to do so.

"hmmm...oh, I think I know why you can't see me, let me help you~" the mysterious voice answered the boy again, the voice seemed to have become clearer, resembling that of a woman.

"Let me give you a baptism...hehehe~" The mysterious female voice couldn't help but laugh as she finished speaking, it was as if the mysterious entity couldn't take anything seriously, or maybe she wasn't interested in taking anything seriously.

"Baptism...?" The boy asked, strangely feeling the atmosphere around him getting heavier and heavier as if someone was hovering over him and increasing the weight with each passing moment.

"mhmm, a baptism...oh, though your name is required for such a process, my dear...would you be so kind as to offer us your name?" The mysterious female voice asked the boy, though the boy's response would surprise her.

"No...I don't have a name..." The boy replied.

-I don't feel any cold anymore, my body feels strong, but I can't move- the boy couldn't help but think that in his head, all the sensations that moments ago tortured his tired and battered body, had disappeared as if by magic.

"oooooohhh~ hehehehe, then I'll have the honor of offering you a name~!" The female voice replied, sounding happy, almost as if she was thrilled by such a revelation.

The boy remained silent, hesitating, though the doubts didn't last long, as this unknown entity had suddenly been kind to him, kinder than anything or anyone else in his life.

-It doesn't matter now, she offered me her warmth, she did far more than anyone else did for me." The boy couldn't help but feel that he owed his life to the entity and certainly wouldn't mind receiving a name.

"please give me a name." The boy said, sounding more lucid and energetic, though his appearance certainly remained the same as a malnourished and severely cold-stricken young boy, seeming to have energy coursing through his body again.


-The boy heard that sudden sound and could feel the warmth coursing through his body again.

"It will be an honor...from today, the lady of the night, the mother of the eternal ones, the heretic of the moon, bestows her eternal blessing upon you, young Zhalan~" The mysterious female voice said, sounding pleased.

-...!!!!!- The boy suddenly blinked his eyes and saw a beautiful woman with red hair, red eyes and extremely white skin, the woman had a body and beauty beyond comprehension, the boy showed nothing but surprise.

"You are still innocent...my little Zhalan, you can call me "Mother" if you wish, although right now it would be a better idea to get you clothes and feed you~" The mysterious lady said, carefully taking Zhalan's hand.

"..." Zhalan kept his silence, squeezing with all his might the hand that was now helping him, there were questions, but at that moment, he didn't want to ask them or look for an answer.

The red-haired lady watched intently as Zhalan followed her instructions to the letter without saying a word.

-A good soldier, hmhmhh~" The lady thought, laughing in her head, at the same time showing a beautiful and innocent smile on her face, not showing how many plans full of evil intentions she had prepared for the young boy.