1 Prologue

In the deep midst of the silent night nothing other the fresh breeze and the sound of crickets could be heard on the widow grass plateau.

All of a sudden


The sound of explosion can be heard coming from the end of the plateau.

Under the bright moonlight a figure dress in black robes can be seen dashing across the field chased by hundred if not thousands of people wearing white robes with the figure of a golden dragon embedded on the back of their robes.

His long hair flutters along with the nights breeze while his face shows no emotion not a single indication of panic as if he has everything under control.

Every step he took carried the sound of an explosion an indication that he is breaking the sound barrier every time he take a step forward.

Although he is fast the people following behind him aren't slow either all of them have speed of at at least 700 mph and the pressure from breaking the sound barrier seemingly has no effect on them.

But no matter how fast the people in white it is no where near the speed of the black clothed man, he looked back and saw the group in white slowly fading into the background as their distance began to widen.

Both the corner of his mouth lifted up making a crescent curve on his mouth in the form of a cruel sneer thinking he finally lost them but when he turned back around his eyes suddenly widened and stomp the ground with all his strength to make a immediate stop.

In front of him was an innumerous amount of people everyone of them was wearing a different color of clothes purple, pink, red, and orange but all of them have a similar greedy look in their eyes much like the people in white who was chasing him earlier.

The strength of the stomp was so immense that it formed a crater that has a diameter of 100 meters surrounding the black clothed man.

The ground underneath him has been crush into powder and it generated a powerful wind force causing dirt to fly everywhere making a dirt like fog.

He turned towards his left but realize of group of grey robes was staring at his location with their hawk like eyes it was evident that the fog can't his location from them.

He turned right and ran forward without hesitation but before he was able to take a step his eyes widen to show an array of different emotions although his face remain unchanged he knows that he has lost control of the situation.

He looks up to see a beautiful woman wearing a black robe similar to his except hers has a golden dragon embedded on her back her skin looks as smooth as newborn baby while her chest is bountiful her facial features wouldn't lose to anyone in this world!

However has an exceptionally cold look anyone who stares directly into her eyes would feel stranded on a snowy mountain, it gives anyone a helpless feeling ruining her imagine as an innocent flower.

There was an awkward moment of silence between the two before the black clothed young man spoke.

"Looks like I was still too naive after 1,000 years my first love turns out to be the traitor of my sect am I right fairy Xun Hua"

It doesn't take a genius to figure out he has been betrayed!

The woman doesn't say anything her eyes remain frosty snow but under the moonlight her clothes slowly changed from the color black to white.

It was at this moment the group of white robes caught up with him they saw the woman in white the leader of the group walked up to her and smiled while saying

"I once again welcome Elder fairy Xun to our sect once our sect leader get his hands on the devils seal we will make sure you become the new terror god of emotions."

She merely nodded and pointed at the owner of the devil seal as if saying 'go get it'.

At this point the make shift distraction smoke has faded revealing that he has been surrounded by an innumerous amount of people totaling up to 6 different color robes while he himself is wearing the 7th color!

The leader of the red colored clothes, Fen Nu angrily said

"Give up it is over already hand over the key to the devils monastery"

while the purple colored leader, Bi Shi mockingly said

"Heh give it to you guys? You are thinking too much Cheng Lin if you give it to my sect leader we will treat you with the highest level of respect."

The leader of the pink clothes, Jian Huo let out a bewitching laugh while saying

"Hahaha you guys? Respect? When your entire sect is based around you the most respect he can get is a spit to the face why don't you give it to your sister here instead I promise to show you a lot of love."

The group of purple clothes look at her in contempt but didn't argue with her since everything she said was true. A few more of the Elders from each sect gave out many offer although none were genuine they just need to make it enticing enough for Cheng Lin to fall into their trap.

While all this was happening Cheng Lin was still looking at Xin Hua after a while he suddenly laughed out loud.


Everyone surrounding him was startled. He turned towards the astonished crowd and shouted

"So you guys want the Devils seal huh!"

He slowly raised his left and a pattern formed, the iconic pentagonal shape surrounded by a circle the classic symbol of the devil!

All their eyes simultaneously shined

'The Devils Symbol'

The greed in their eyes couldn't be hid anymore they all reached out their hands and ran towards Cheng Lin seeing this Cheng Lin sneered and yelled

"Since you guys like the devil seal so much I shall show you its power!"

He started gathering all his Qi into the seal and souls began releasing themselves thousand upon thousands of innocent soul began leaking from the seal and he began the chant

"Oh great devil of the underworld..."

Fairy Xun Hua can no longer keep her calm she shouted

"Cheng Lin do you have any idea what you are doing you have just reached the Xian realm you won't be able to handle it you will definitely die!"

But her screams and shout doesn't stop the chanting in the slightest

"The guards of hell gate shall receive my toast, and the officials shall be given my grace..."


Seeing her coaxing isn't working she gave up on trying to convincing Cheng Lin without saying another word she dashed toward Cheng Lin at full speed while he kept on chanting.

The world of souls shall receive my welcome

The hell gate shall be my access to eternity

They shall receive my offering with open hands

I Cheng Lin, hereby offer 1,000,000 souls to the devil, devil seal 6th tier ability time transcendence activate!

After finishing his chant many magic circle surrounded his body and he began to glow as the last of the innocent soul came out of his devil seal then a gate appeared in front of him.


The gate opened abruptly and a incredibly strong suction force came from inside dragging all innocent souls instantly to the 18th level of hell.

Some of the souls tried to escape but Cheng Lin merely kicked them back in while sneering at the dumbfounded group and the nervous approaching Xun Hua he let out one final crazy laughter then pointed his middle finger at them.

"AHAHAHAHA don't think this is over I Cheng Lin will be back one day to the immortal realm and when that time comes don't think any of you will be able to escape!"

As he finish his piece he fades to nothingness as if he wasn't there to begin with!

Xun Hua finally arrived at his location but she was a little to late since the entire field is empty not even the crater was left behind all traces of Cheng Lin existence was erased!

She collapsed on the ground with a despaired look on her face while mumbling

"its over we are done for we are so done for..."

The white clothed man, Chi Jing was awed he never imagined the cold beauty could show so much emotion then he had a bad premonition. Earlier he was stunned everything happened so fast he wasn't able to react but right now seeing Xun Hua act like this his heart won't stay settle anymore. He immediately asked Xun Hua

"W-what did he just do"

she responded with a blank tone

"He activated the 6th tier ability of the devil seal."

"What does it do?"

"It called time transcendence and.."

Before she could finish speaking everywhere around them has cracks surrounding them seemingly as if it is a picture frame being cracked Xun Hua ignored the surrounding and kept speaking

"It is originally the 6th tier ability of the devil seal called time control able to slow down time and accelerate it only by sacrificing 100 souls he can even stop time by 5 seconds by sacrificing 1,000 souls, but according to legend by sacrificing all the souls in the devils seal from the Xuan realm and up he is able to..."

Speaking up to here she closes her eyes with emotions and utter

"...reset time"

"reset time!"

Before he can Chi Jing can comprehend the concept behind such an ability the entire surrounding cracked into pieces and all of them can feel their memories fading away. In the next second they opened their eyes. They are back at their sect they don't remember what they were doing earlier but they kept feeling something amiss.

Somewhere in the mortal realm in the deep midst of the night a youth who looks to be around the age of a 14 to 15 year old who has his eyes close sitting on the roof of his house.

'drop drop'

Rain starts falling down one drop at a time but in just a few minutes it started to pour down a torrential amount of rain seemingly as if the heavens itself is crying the youth just sits there unmoving although he is entirely wet from the rain he ignored it as it continued to pour like a flowing river going down the stream ceaselessly. It was at this moment the youth opened his eyes and laughed manically

"HAHAHAHA I Cheng Lin, has returned to the mortal realm just you bastards up there wait I will return to the immortal realm one day to get my revenge in the slowest most cruelest way possible your families will not get away with this either I won't stop until every one of you is dead!"

Although his shout was loud the rain was louder it completely swallowed his sound.

When he was shouting he hasn't noticed but a weak light appeared on the back of his left palm the devil seal was glowing as if approving of something as it sinks back down into Cheng Lins skin and travels to his heart where it shines a mysterious red light.

Cheng Lin could feel his soul being tugged but instead of being startled he just laughs harder.

'This is the feeling of being alive, this is the feeling of being victorious, and this will be the feeling of revenge!'