The Devils Symbol Book

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The Devils Symbol


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In the midst of the cold brewing night covered in layers of black cloud The wind could be heard rustling ceaselessly A figure standing on top of a mountain could be seen looking up in the starry sky But the surrounding is covered in a thin layer of fog which covers everything except his face He has the face of a young man filled with dreams and ambition which is not to handsome not to ugly but his eyes... A single eye can show the attitude of a person and a pair of eyes can show the emotion of one Pain, sorrow, grief, joy no matter how a person hide his emotions the eyes reveal everything. But the eyes of the young man is hollow almost as if he can't feel a slither of emotion at all if he wasn't breathing people would think he is a cicada with an empty shell! As the night flows deeper with time the wind flow gets stronger the black cloud starts to fade away revealing the slither of Moonlight that beam upon the mountain slowly revealing it as if unwrapping a gift. Through the thin layer of fog which was slowly fading away along with the cloud revealing the mountain that the young man was standing on. The most distinguishing part about the mountain is that it isn't made out of rocks or dirt instead it is a pile of corpse stacked on top of each other! The young mans clothes is covered in blood which is mostly dried up. On the front of his left hand he is holding a sword that is tucked in his sheath but on the back it is a tattoo. It is red in color with a design of a pentagon surrounded by a circle The tattoo almost looks like it is alive since it is squirming in his hand as if something is trying to escape from inside. Not everyone knows but this tattoo isn't a simple tattoo It is the very symbol that can control the souls of the dead, a key to the devils monastery, and an indication that one is the owner of thousands of dead souls! The Devils Symbol!


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