The Devilish Charm of the alpha
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The Devilish Charm of the alpha


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What is The Devilish Charm of the alpha

Read The Devilish Charm of the alpha novel written by the author Darkswan on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, mystery, sliceoflife, vampire, dark. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


WARNING MATURE CONTENT|| Faith changed for a young human princess when she met the monster among men the golden werewolf and became his human luna unknowingly. The supernatural world was unknown to humans or so they thought until everything changed when the princess was chosen as the luna of the monster. "His charm level is off the chart anyone would fall for him, well almost everyone," the princess said to herself as she stared in his jade glistening eyes. Hated by the humans the werewolves were being hunted one by one and among them was the alpha, a werewolf at night and knight by day became the bodyguard of the princess who did not like him at all nor did he like her. Both of them were from different worlds, their cultures are different along with their belief but things started to change for the both of them when they started to share each other's feelings. What will the princess do to save him and his kind? "Will she be able to change the human's mind about the creatures or will she perish along with her lover?

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I really like this story of the wolf picking its princess and I keep wondering what will happen. Love how the mystery starts ar the very beginning and I can’t wait to read more x


The plot is very interesting. I like the idea of a wolf picking out his luna and then pursuing her to the end no matter how difficult it can get. By the third chapter, I can feel that he seems to not like her very much, and she seems to not like him very much either. Is there a reason why he feels as if he needs to continue to pursue someone that he does not have good chemistry with and don't have much feelings for? Why did he choose her if he doesn't really like her? Perhaps there's a hidden reason that is not apparent within the first few chapters. Keep writing author. I look forward to more of your story. 😊


The novel is entertaining, amusing and the main characters are engaged in some kind of 'hating each other kind of relationship from the start. I hope to see more of the character development in the future chapters. Well done Author for creating an entertaining and amusing novel! Keep it up!


I don't really read much books but I stopped by and the concept of this one is really great I like the fact that the princess and the werewolf does not like each other at first, there is conflict, difference of opinion, unlike other werewolves book, great work. Nicely done.


Okay sis, so far so good, i see you have written it in third person POV which is great, I love the story so far, it is well written and has an amazing plot, lol i love the princess stalker werewolf bodyguard, this is an original for sure and i hope to read more.


The story is actually really great besides that one sentence that sounded like her whole world was fake in the first chapter. It seemed like the the story wasn't 1st POV but if your going for the 3rd POV that's fine. It think it would be better in 1st person since most stories are like that and we would readers would get a deeper feelings for the MC


you have good writing commercial, and i hope you put name into the character, but i wanted to see more! you can using name generator if you try to search some names


In fact, it's a masterpiece. Nice storyline, nice concept, nice grammar, nice world-building. Stop reading my review and go read the book, you won't regret it.


Wow, this novel entertaining and you could also see what the plot, characters, and world is like within the first 5 chaps! Author does a good job letting us know what to expect for each chapters! Well done author! Good luck and keep up your hard work!


An interesting piece of work to say the least. The book follows your typical kingdom princess trope but adds a twist of the supernatural to it. The author is very creative in the portrayal of different scenes and has wonderfully given life to many of the characters. Though if there is one thing that requires a bit of attention are a few grammatical errors here and there, although don't get me wrong the book is still wonderful to read and is quite enjoyable. Of course, the book is still in its infancy and I'm sure the novel will get better as time passes. Keep up the good work author, I highly recommend this novel, I cant wait to see what will become of the princess and her werewolf stalker bodygaurd.


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