1 The Begining

This is the story of the king the of the under world. From the begining before earth was was created by the "Creator" he and his wife the "Life" was given 2 sons. The first born was named Jesus and Second Maccoy. They were happy together until the Gods the ruler of all being in the Universe command Creator to build a world with living creatures. The Gods ask Creator to also build a place where all living creatures would go when they die. So the Creator build Heaven and Hell but it will not be complete without a ruler. Heaven is a place where all good people go and Hell is where bad people will be punished forever. Jesus his favorite son was sent to heaven and Maccoy was sent to Hell to rule. Jesus is the son who always follow his father and Maccoy is different but his bad. Jesus was because he doesnt have to punish and Maccoy was question the creator his father. "Why do I have to be the one to punish them? I can never do that." The Creator was so mad. He said "you are only my son you dont have the rights to question me!" So mad he sent Maccoy to Hell and was told that he will be in Hell forever.