1 Prologue

"Look over here!" "No look over here!" "Xiao Semu! Xiao Semu! Xiao Semu" Everyone was screaming left and right. Flashes were present in every direction. I made my way to the stage, as I gracefully placed a smile on my face. Arriving on the platform, I was met with cheers and praises from the crowd. "Hello everybody, I am Xiao Semu. Thank you to all of my supporters, because if it weren't for you guys I would've never won this much awards. Best Actress of the Year, Rising Star, and many more. Acting is what I love to do the most, which is why I am very thankful to everyone for giving me the opportunity to do so. That would be all, thank you!" I bowed to the audience and made a few poses for the camera. I turned around and then proceeded to make my exit. "You did so great today!" My manager exclaimed as I got in my van. "Thank you Ji Fen, I couldn't have reached this far without you." I told him with a gentle smile on my face. "Awww Se-se don't make me cry..." He said with his hand on his chest. Yes that's his little nickname for me. I laughed at his childish behavior and told him that I would treat him for dinner. "Can we eat at that fancy restaurant that just opened in Five Square City, please!!" I nodded, still laughing very heavily. Ji Fen has been my manager since my debut around 7 to 8 years ago, I think. "Semu wake up, we're here!" Ji Fen shook me awake. "Oh we're here already?" I said rubbing my eyes. "Se-se look at the mirror." He said clearly trying to hide a laugh. What? I took the mirror from his hands and saw that makeup was all smudged up, making me look like a mess. "Noooooooo my beautiful face!" I shrieked. I hurriedly took a bottle of makeup cleanser and a few cotton pads from my makeup pouch. Why did I fall asleep with makeup on, I sighed. I removed all the makeup from my face and got off my van. "Wait, isn't that Xiao Semu?" "Yes it is!" A crowd started to form, "Semu, I think we should just come back next time. Your guards aren't here today."