163 You already cheated on me!?

She ignores him and listens to the music. She giggles "Huh..Why does this mix feel so familiar?".

Lu Cheng gets a call so she escapes smoothly from Lu Cheng's grasp and walks towards the DJ. But he keeps his eyes on her and sees her drinking everything.

Damn! Is she going to kill her stomach?!.

He ends the call and stunned to see her kissing the DJ's cheek.

I just came to attend a call! You already cheated on me!?

He almost ran towards them and sees her still hanging to guys hands.

Lu Cheng is about to pull her from his hands. However the DJ seems so familiar to her. He drags her to the stage and starts dancing with her.

Lu Cheng looks at them and in a daze. "Why is she blushing? She behaves as if he is her god!".

Tang Xi and Gu Shao were classmates. He was the one who taught her to drink first as he wanted to tease her then. But they turned out best friends after that day.

The incident was a long secret between them! Till now Tang Xi didn't break her promise no matter how much drunk she was!.

"Wow!! The couple is so cool!".

"How they dance on the rap so co-ordinated!!?"

"Seems they are a couple!!".

Lu Cheng gets out of the thoughts hearing the screams of the crowd.

Lu Cheng sees Gu Shao kisses her cheek and says something to her ears before leaving.

"Aww!! So sweet!!".

"Are they really a couple!!?".

Hearing the crowds words Lu Cheng lost his cool.

He wanted to follow the guy but for some reason his legs subconsciously stood with her on the stage.

Tang Xi looks at him and smiles lazily "Mr. Devil..I am tired...lets go?".

The song plays instantly- Shape of You!

I am in love with the shape of you...

Everyone gasps looking at them and cheered for them.

Lu Cheng holds her waist and 'makes' her dance Salsa with him.

Even though she didn't do anything, for the crowd they looked like they were dancing so romantic.

He whirled her, made her circle around him, sometimes he pushes and at instant he grabbed her by her waist.

He almost made her loose her consciousness by his 'roller coaster' dancing.

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Finally the crowd almost broke out in chaos !

"Ahh! So romantic!".

"So hot!!".

"Ahh!! He is so hot!!"

"They are really a couple!!"

Lu Cheng is satisfied with the Tang Xi's 'moves' because she didn't resist him throughout the song.

However Tang Xi had no idea what he had done with her!

Lu Cheng brings her out of the party hall and pins her to a wall. He whispers gasping his breaths "Who is he?".

Tang Xi looks at him and chuckles "He? Who is he?".

She leans to his embrace tired and mumbles "I can't stand ..".

You forgot him already? Did I over thought?

Lu Cheng stood froze as she leaned on him suddenly.

She took initiative this time! May be because she is drunk!?

She feels him not holding and wraps her hands around his neck. She whines "Why are you not carrying me? You always carry me when I can stand myself but now I can't stand!".

She looks at him with puppy eyes.

He decides to keep his jealousy aside for now and announces "Alright!".

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