158 Trapped in Cheng's plan!!

She is too sad and is sitting with kids outside till they complete the formalities. Tianxian calls her in to sign.

She stands taking a deep breath and walks inside the room gloomily. Lu Cheng hands her the forms after signing them.

She bites her lip and signs them. Lu Cheng sees her hands were shivering and notices her controlling her tears.

He feels guilty and holds her in his embrace. Everyone goes down to send them off.

Tang Xi kneels down before the kids and puts on a smile "Do you remember what I have told you?".

Both kids look her and nods sadly. She kisses their both cheeks and whispers "Don't forget about the contract! I will watch who is acting stronger than other!".

Feng and Tianxian were looking at them from far.

Tianxian asks "Feng? What is Chief planning to do now?".

Feng shrugs avoiding his question. He is immersed in his own thoughts looking at Jing and Tang Xi worriedly. He sighs "He better handles everything wisely".

Both kids cried hugging her and leaves looking at her via window. Tang Xi waves them bye and starts crying closing her mouth by her hands.

Lu Cheng holds her shoulder. She hugs him burying her face in his chest. She sobs "I already miss them Cheng!!".

Lu Cheng too gets emotional and caresses her back, looking at the car which was driving away.

Feng looks away and mutters "She can't even handle this separation! How is he going to handle her in future!?".

She signed the custody papers! Trapped in Cheng's plan! What will you do when you find this real plots?

Tianxian sees Feng walked away in a bad mood.

Lu Cheng drives to Lu Residence as she would feel too lonely in old house. He doesn't want her to cry seeing Jing's things again.

However, he looks at her staring through the window and lost in thoughts. Tang Xi is too exhausted after wailing and controls herself becoming weak. She has to be like this for 3 more months.

So, I have to be strong. At least they are together to support each other.

She remembers Lu Cheng too would be sad about them and looks at him. She notices his eyebrows creased and his face worried.

She controls herself from crying. Removing her seat belt, she leans on his shoulder. He stopped the car aside suddenly and she looks at him worriedly.

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He asks "Are you okay?".

Her eyes still has tears and nods. She says in a hoarse voice "I am sorry...I am making you worried".

He removes his seat belt and pulls her to his lap. She doesn't protest and leans nestling her head in his embrace.

He kisses her forehead and says worriedly "Don't be sad anymore. I am getting insane looking at you like this".

She looks at his face and sighs "Lets go home" and sits back in the co-pilot seat. Lu Cheng drives home fast.


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