159 Stop pretending

Lu Residence.

Tang Xi steps out of the car and looks at the house. She has no idea how she would spend this three months alone here!.

Why is it become so silent ? So lifeless!?

She looks at Lu Cheng and walks inside with him. She sees him walking into kitchen and frowns "What are you doing?".

He wears an apron and says "I am going to be a chef today!".

She looks at him with full of suspicion and asks "Do you know how to cook?".

He shrugs "I never tried! This is my first time" and rubs his hands intently "I am hungry!".

She smiles lightly "Let me do that".

He stops her "No! Are you stopping me from learning?! I am going to learn today!".

She purses her lips "..." I am a Teacher! Why would I stop you from learning?!

She could sense that he was trying to cheer her. But literally it made her only to cry more.

She sees him burning the things deliberately and shooting glance at her to make her laugh.

He burns everything and the whole kitchen was a mess!

She stands and walks towards him. She stops his hand which was stirring some 'porridge'.

He looks at her anticipating something may be her smile?.

She smiles and looks into his eyes. She says "Stop messing around". Her voice was shaking and hoarse.

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She hugs his waist "Stop cheering me when you are sad ! It makes me terrible!".

She cries hugging him tight "I know you are sad too...So stop pretending!! Stop pretending to be okay!".

He is stunned to be 'caught' in his act. He was scared to hell when she said 'stop pretending'.

He stood rooted until she released the hug. She sniffs wiping her tears and goes to cook. She gets busy in cooking.

Lu Cheng leans towards the cupboard and watches her intently. Soon she finishes cooking and serves porridge and boiled vegetables.

After eating their dinner, Lu Cheng waits for her in their room. He gets call from and continues to give instructions to Tianxian.

He ends the call and sees the bed is still empty. His heart sank and goes to Jing's room. He sees her sleeping and all dolls of Jing in the bed near her.

He frowns seeing , she made space at other end of bed. She left space for me?

He smiles and walks towards her. He sees her hugging something. He lifts the blanket and his heart stopped beating for a second!

He recalls Jing was sleeping hugging the photo of her and his. The first day of Jing in his home! He remembered that day well when Jing was sleeping like this hugging their photo. The day she got kidnapped and his first step in his life towards her. His confidence to separate them is shattered into pieces at this moment!

He lays beside her and stares at her face. She is sound asleep and her eyelashes were still wet. Why is it not for me? Why can't you understand ? Am I always after my son in your heart ? He is not even your own son right?

He gets sad thinking his cruel plan of accident to separate them before and turns facing his back to her. Tang Xi wakes by some movements in bed. She sees him on the very edge of the bed and sighs.

She sits and takes all the dolls. She keeps them on the table near bed and looks at him.

She pokes his hand to wake but sees he was not moving. She purses her lips and pulls him towards her making him facing her. She checks he was in safe distance from his side edge and lays beside him.

She closes her eyes and sleeps. Lu Cheng opens his eyes and smiles.


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