162 Secret?

She mocks him "Who will take care of you after you get drunk!? How can I handle you when I can't handle myself! Forget it! I would create a mess!". Worst part is once I get drunk, I won't remember anything at all!! I can't even remember what happened that day till now!

He chuckles "Well! I called Tianxian ..You don't have to worry".

She has no idea how much tolerance he has for drinking. Still he acted along so that, he wouldn't be blamed for his previous 'mistakes'.

She looks at the glass in his hands and purses her lips.

She takes a deep breath and snatches it from him. She gulps it in one go and coughs.

He laughs "What are you doing?".

You drank .. in one go!?.

She smiles "What? My friend taught me to drink like this! Its better than drinking slow".

He is surprised as his 'plan' got successful too easily and stands looking at her. He wanted to hear confession once again! She would never do that normally in her senses! And he is impatient today!. He doesn't know why he feeling this way recently.

Something inside him reminds him the deadline for him to find his place in her heart. Like if he gets late, then he can't in future.

Lu Cheng sees her already ran to the dance floor and rubs his temple "I thought you are so reserved!".

Tang Xi is jumping for the music and felt like she was floating in air!.

Lu Cheng sips his wine and watches her bare neck and shoulders. He chose them thinking she would reject them. He laughs at himself that he thought she would be 'reserved'.

His eyes turned dark seeing her dancing with a guy. He subconsciously walks towards her and sees herself stepped away from the guy.

Lu Cheng smiles "You are aware even in this state?". He holds her waist and pulls her towards him.

Tang Xi gasps in shock and frowns "S*** I was scared! Who are you!?".

Lu Cheng '....' Don't tempt me again! Last time I went insane for those 3 words!!

Tang Xi squints her eyes and smiles madly "Its you! The Devil CEO!".

He frowns "What?".

She keeps dancing holding his shoulder and laughs "You are the devil scaring me to the hell recently!".

He smirks and pulls her towards him "Then You are my Fairy Teacher". I am not sure of my suspicions on you. But you are Fairy of my life now.

She rubs her neck lightly feeling his breaths tickle.

She pouts " I never never thought I would be a teacher! I ...". and sighs sadly

His hands turned stiff "You lied to me before?". She said she likes to teach!

She slaps his chest and whines "I never lie so easily!" She giggles "Jing is my everything now!" and pouts worried.

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Lu Cheng ".." . She always ends my questions with Jing's name!.

He asks "Who is that friend?".

She looks at him blankly "Huh?".

He sighs "The one who taught you to drink". I stole her 'precious' when she got drunk last time! Is that a guy?

She smiles placing her finger on his mouth and silences him "Shh! Don't ask. Its my secret!".

His face turned dark "Secret?".

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