170 Please help me!

She grips the bottle tight and steps out of the elevator. She looks around searching the room and stands before room number '1001'.

She knocks and hears a voice rang 'come in'.

She thinks for a second and takes a deep breath.

Why am I sensing something danger? Isn't he just a celebrity? What if he is some 'spoiled' celebrity?.

She purses her lips and enters into the room. She sees the silhouette of a man and he is holding his phone.

He seems frustrated and curses while staring his phone.

He turns hearing her footsteps and comes towards her with long strides. Tang Xi subconsciously takes a step back..

She looks at his face and astonished "You?".

He smiles "Nice to meet you Miss. Tang Xi! Please help me!".

She laughs looking at the great cricket celebrity pleading her.

She asks "What are you doing here Mr.Karthick?".

Karthick sighs "Where is she?".

Tang Xi understood that he is here for Ananya, but wonders "Why did you cheat on her?".

He sighs helplessly "I was just dancing with a girl!".

Tang Xi bites her lips and asks "And Ananya saw you together dancing?".

He nods and asks "Is she with you? I know she boarded to City A!".

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She nods "She would be on her way. But how did it become so serious suddenly?".

He twitches his lips "As usual, I came late to meet her!".

She shakes her head helplessly and asks "How are you going to convince her?".

He says angrily "I am not going to convince her this time! She just misunderstood for dancing with a girl! I don't like her being so narrow minded! How can she not believe me?!".

Tang Xi looks at his anger and calms him "Mr.Karthick! I think you are thinking too much! Its really a small thing..".

Karthick shakes his head declaring "No Miss.Tang Xi! This time I am not going to convince her no matter what! I came here to inform you that! Tell her to meet me at your product launch I will tell her this personally!" and goes towards the door.

As soon as he opened, Lu Cheng stumbles inside the room shocking Tang Xi and Karthick.

Karthick frowns "Who are you? What were you doing ?".

Lu Cheng's face was cold and staring at them with murder intent.

Tang Xi gets out from shock and asks "Why are you here?".

Karthick frowns at her "You guys know each other?".

Tang Xi is so embarrassed and nods.

Lu Cheng looks at her embarrassed and fumes "What are you doing here?".

Karthick senses something wrong and asks her "Is he your husband?".

Lu Cheng holds his collar and grunts "Yes! Why are you with my wife?".

Tang Xi gets angry and fumes "Lu Cheng!".

Karthick smirks and removes his hand from his collar. He looks at Tang Xi "Seems you understand how I feel" and walks out ignoring them.

Tang Xi looks at Lu Cheng in rage and asks gritting her teeth "Were you following me here?".

He asks in equal rage "Who is he? What was he doing here?".

She gets tears in her eyes and speaks coldly "You were following me! Did you run here to catch me red handed?".

Bran!! You didn't give me complete details! You just said she was meeting with a person and he is an Indian!

Now she would start scolding me! Wait...why is she..

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