164 My Luv

Lu Cheng laughs and lifts her. She held her hands around his neck and nestles in his embrace.

Tianxian is sweetly surprised and starts the car.

So Its not Feng this time!

Lu Cheng makes her to sit and he too sits beside her.

He closes the partition in the car and leans back. He frowns seeing her leaning towards the door and pulls her towards him.

Lu Cheng feels something and looks down at her face. He raises her chin to take a good look at her face "Are you crying?".

She opens her eyes and smiles drowsily "Thank you Devil....".

Lu Cheng smiles and caresses her cheek with his thumb finger. He couldn't control himself and leans towards her.

She giggles and wraps her arms around his neck. She didn't notices him and mutters "I saw My Luv after so many years!". She pecks his cheek and closes her eyes to sleep burying her face in his chest.

Lu Cheng's face turned instantly cold as if someone thrashed cold water on his face.

Her love?


Lu Residence.

Lu Cheng carries her with rigid face and enters into his room. He stuffs her in the bed and picks up his cigarette.

I am not her first?!

He lits it and sat in a couch. He frowns watching her turning and tossing.

Tang Xi rubs her stomach and groans "Arghh!! I knew!! Stella! I am never gonna be drunk!".

Lu Cheng raises his eyebrows and watches her mumbling intently.

She struggles to push the quilt and gets down from the bed. The room is so dark and she stood in a daze to realize her position.

She clutches her hairs in frustration. She staggers towards the restroom and mumbles "Ouch! Why does my leg hurt?!".

She runs into the restroom and throws up till her stomach gets empty. She washes her face and realises looking around "This...I am in Devil's home?".

She walks out still staggering and throws herself on the bed exhausted.

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Lu Cheng looks at the food on the table and sighs. He switches on the lights and walks towards her. He looks at her in a trance and mutters "Why don't you tell me your secrets and surrender yourself to me? I don't want to suspect you. But you are urging me to.

He recalls her mumbling about her love...Even though they didn't danced so close like Lu Cheng, still they had a ..deep understanding?!

His grits his teeth and goes out.


Tang Xi opens her eyes and smiles "Luv? Did I really see you? I danced with you?".

She sits suddenly and curses "Crap! I forgot to get his mobile number!".

She looks around for Lu Cheng and runs out of the room to search him.

"Lu Cheng?.. Mr.Lu..?....Cheng!?...Mr.Devil!!!".

She pouts and looking into the study room. She starts walking around the first floor and purses her lips "Shall I drive to pub?".

"What are you doing here?" Lu Cheng comes from terrace frowning.

She smiles brightly "Lu Cheng! Can you help me? I need to find Luv! You know that pub right? Can you help me finding him? Please!".

Lu Cheng"..." Humph! You wish! Love my foot!! even though I am your first in a way, I wanted to be first in your heart too! I would never let you resurface your old love for him! You never said your love to me till now!! You are calling him your love!? in front of me!?

She looks him with puppy eyes and asks pitifully "Lu Cheng! Answer me?".

Lu Cheng chuckles coldly "Why should I ? Because you asked so?".

Tang Xi "..." Why does this lines sound so familiar?!

She had no idea she is eating her own medicines! Lu Cheng shuts her mouth by the exact words she said to him before!

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