167 I will send you to hell!

Ananya asks eagerly "Can't you take me to the subject? I have to analyze personally!".

Dinesh gets frustrated and says "I have to go..I will come later... You can go out from now!".

He walks out with long strides. Ananya pouts "Why did his mood become bad suddenly!?".

Ananya smiles remembering his words and circles in joy "Ah! I am free to go out now!!".

She takes her mobile and gadget. She smirks "Karthick! Having fun huh? You are dead today!".

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She walks setting her long hairs and brushes them roughly by her fingers. She gets into her car and drives to her home.

She gets freshen and dries her hairs. She notices her mobile is off and smacks her head.

No wonder!

She plugs it in to charge and brushes her hair. She starts getting a call while braiding them and seals the end with a band hurriedly.

She looks at the ID and smiles.

"Baby!? Where the hell did you go?!" Karthick yells at her frustrated.

She chuckles coldly "Why would I go to hell? Wait for me at the park! I will send you to hell!".

Karthick was taken aback "What?!".

She ends the call, picks her bag and walks out.


Cricket Stadium.

A man removes his practice glows and throws in to his bag. His assistant tosses him a fresh juice "Karthick? What's your plan for this week?".

He gulps the juice and wipes his sweet in his sleeve "I have my schedule full".

The assistant chuckles "By the way, your girlfriend is waiting for you".

He drops the juice bottle down in shock and looks at his watch. He smacks his forehead and curses "F*** I am dead meat!!".

He sprints in his practice uniform without changing to his casual clothes. He runs down the stairs from the building and jumps above the park gate. It was just about his chest height but as a sportsman, he could easily jump without any warm up.

He didn't search around the park , he directly runs towards the children's park in the corner of main park.

He stopped seeing a girl sat in the swing. Even though her face seemed so cute and innocent, his heart was beating so fast. He knows very well its because of the fear! 'How did I forgot to meet her!? She has been waiting for half an hour!!'.

He coughs and cools himself. He tucks his sweating hands in his pocket and strides..somewhat trying to look casual.

Ananya was watching him since he entered the park. She ignores him and swings carelessly.

Karthick rubs his back of his head and speaks "Huh..Baby?". He gulps and starts preparing himself for getting beats. Even though it won't hurt normally, getting beaten by her in the park is so much embarrassing for a celebrity like him!

Thanks to the security of the stadium! They only allow few people into the park. So he didn't have any worry about losing his face before kids!! His worry is only thing now 'Make her calm down!'.

Ananya stands with a light smile on her face "Long time no see Mr.Karthick".

He senses her cute smile is more dangerous than her yelling.

He coughs "Baby..You just disappeared for a month! Where did you go?".

She smirks "Why do you look so worried? You should have enjoyed in my absence right?".

He grunts "What? How could I enjoy? You know I missed you-".

She shows him the video where he was dancing with a girl and tilts her head. She says in a sincere tone "You were missing me so much!".

Karthick was dumbstruck and stood with a horror. He opens his mouth to speak but closes it tightly. Damn!! How did she get this footage!? Since when did she become a detective?!

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