161 I hate scheming!

She rolls her eyes "When will we reach?".

He smiles seeing her not angry "Soon" and speaks "I didn't thought you wouldn't like to go pubs too".

She asks "Why wouldn't I?".

He mocks "After looking at your past Academic achievements..." and glances her "And your looks...I thought you would be a bookworm".

She frowns "What's wrong with my looks? I can't wear this ripped thing for school, can I?".

He parks the car "We are here". He unbuckles the seat belt and hands her a room key "You get changed. I will wait for you at party hall".

She gets out after taking the key from him. She looks around and realises its a Western Pub in a remote side of City A. No wonder he came casually! No one recognize his identity here!

Lu Cheng looks at her and texts Tianxian

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[Pick us from the pub after 12]

Tianxian was lying in his bed leisurely. He frowns at the text and sits surprised "Chief is in pub!? ..Us!? Is he with Feng?". He smiles "After 3 years.....What made him to go there suddenly?".


Tang Xi wears a simple black tube dress. She shuffles her hairs freely and puts on some make up. She bites her lips suspiciously 'How did he know my size!'. She covers her almost bare shoulders with hairs and sighs. I won't attract any attention like this.

She walks out from the room and enters into the party hall. Her eyes search for him. She sees him standing at the bar counter and twitches her lips "Is he going to drink!? He will behave too weird then!".

She gulps in fear remembering her 'performance' last time, when she was drunk. 'I too can't handle my sober....It was okay when I was in abroad..I had my friends to take care of me...Seems I have to handle him today..'.

She forgets her thought of drinking and sits in a seat crossing her legs.She sees some notifications in her mobile and scrolls them.

Lu Cheng comes to her with two wine glasses and hands her one. He sees her watching her mobile seriously and snatches it. He looks at her next week schedule and wonders "Why do you teach? Isn't it boring?".

She purses her lips and scoffs "It's not!".

He sips his wine and asks "Don't you like your company? I don't think you are incapable".

She throws "I hate scheming!".

Damn! What's with this answer!?

Lu Cheng spits the wine and coughs "Scheming?".

She snorts handing him tissue "There is no business without scheming here".

He swallows his further 'prepared' questions and asks "So you only like to teach?".

She shakes her head and says "I like everything which doesn't involve scheming!".

Again?! Why does that sound uncomfortable!?

He felt wronged and grunts "Its not called scheming. Its called strategies in business world okay?".

She laughs "I name them as scheming in my world..Okay ...Relax Cheng..I am saying my view!...Well I had other plans before..! But I chose to teach so that I would be with Jing too..after that I started liking it" and her smile fell once she said them.

I miss Jing so much!

He clenches his fist and becomes silent.

He notices her tapping her fingers "Do you like to dance?".

She averts her eyes from the crowd to him and says "I don't but I can only if I get drunk...I feel uncomfortable with crowd normally".

He shrugs "Then lets go!".

She laughs and stops "Wait! I am not drunk now!".

He smiles "Come on!! drink this.." and forwards a drink.

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