160 Do you really go to pubs?

After a week.

Tang Xi walks out of office late, as she got to complete some document works with Ning Yuhan regarding her next product launch. She didn't expect she would get this late!

Lu Cheng looks at Tang Xi stepping out from the office. He steps on the accelerator.


Tang Xi subconsciously turns and looks back before opening her car door. She looks at the person sat in driver seat. She shrugs as she thought that the person is signalling her to take her car, which is parked right in front of his car.

She opens the door and sits.


What the hell!? I am starting ok!?

She slams her car door and about to start.

Lu Cheng gets out from his car cursing "Didn't she recognize me?!".

He knocks the window. She squints her eyes angrily.

She opens her mouth in shock 'Lu Cheng ? Is he wearing a simple white T-shirt....and ripped jeans!!?.... F***!! Crap!! I controlled myself for years to not use these words! But..why is he looking....different?'.

She opens the door and looks at him from head to toe.

She chuckles "What in the world happened? Why are you here..like this?".

He drags her by hand "We are going to pub".

She jerks her hand "Are you drunk? What are you sprouting?".

However looking at his clothes, 'Will he go to pubs too? '. Her mind subconsciously stopped at the photo, that she saw before. But she puts that thought buried deep inside her brain. After spending so much time with each other, she couldn't suspect him anymore.

And the woman too dead after all...Why should I worry in vain?

Lu Cheng waves his hand before her to snap out from her daze "What? Are you coming or not?".

Tang Xi's eyes already lit hearing pub, however she sighs "I ...have school tomorrow".

Lu Cheng says correcting his hairs by his hand "Wait... Aren't you just 23 why do you sound like you heard something strange?!".

She rolls her eyes on him " As if I am the one weird here! Lu Cheng! Do you know how strange you look in this thing?" and points his clothes.

He smirks and opens the door for her "Lets go!".

She looks him suspiciously, still gets in the car.

She looks at herself and whines "Why didn't you tell me before? I would look boring in my outfit".

He extends his hand back and tosses a bag "Are they enough?".

She raises her eyebrows "You came prepared ?".

He smiles lightly and asks "Are you afraid of fast driving?".

She laughs lightly "Go ahead. I am not".

He raises his eyebrows and chuckles "Then don't cry to drive slow!".

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He steps on the accelerator jerking her. She looks at him in disbelief 'Does he need to step on it suddenly? Why is he behaving like a spoiled teenager now?'.

She ignores his rash driving and checks the contents.

He notices her completely digging the bag and wonders 'Is she really not afraid ?'.

He asks "How about your life in abroad?".

She looks at him blankly "Huh?" and says after processing his words "It was ...*cough* good" and avoids his gaze.

She asks "Do you really go to pubs?".

He frowns "Why? Can't I?".

She looks at him like checking out "I didn't thought you would like to go pubs and all..but you look young in this.. I mean..those suits and all makes you look..more..older than me".

He smirks "Well..I am elder than you by 3 years!".

She mocks "But you look too old in those suits".

He slams the break "What!?".


She almost saved from bumping and yells "Lu Cheng! Are you mad!?".

He creases his eyebrows "By the way..you too look like ...Aunt Song in that office dresses!".

She opens her eyes wide and fumes "You! Did you just say!.. I am not coming with you!!".

Lu Cheng laughs seeing her and drives "You started this..I was just replying".

She swallows her words and looks outside through window. Humph!! Its better I stop talking. I don't want to ruin my mood! After a long time, I am going to pub!

Lu Cheng asks "Are you mad at me?".

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