166 Can't survive more than a five years!

After a month.

Dinesh's lab, India.

Ananya is busy with her analysis and cross checks the possibilities. She tries the simulations to check the successive rates of the experiment.

She tosses her specs and holds her head frustrated. She calls Dinesh "Get me the test reports of the subject. I tried everything and its impossible to the subject to be alive till now!".

Dinesh asks "How are you so sure ?".

Ananya yawns "According to the reports, the subject should face some organ failures. It can't survive more than a five years! So tell me! The subject is alive or dead?".

He stayed silent and says "Wait till my call".

She looks at the phone and rubs her eyes. She stands from her chair and stretches lazily.

She pouts "I have been crazy for a month! God! I need a peaceful sleep now!".

She pounces on the bed and sighs "If the subject is alive now, its a milestone in stem cells technology!".

She whines and smacks her cheeks "No!! Sleep !! Don't think anymore!!".

She mumbles "I have to talk to Karthick, Xi and Jing! I hope I finish everything soon!".


Dinesh enters the lab and switches on his lab. He starts checking Lu Cheng's recent activities.

He frowns "Kids in Presidential school?" and checks his recent visits. He mutters "Lu Residence and Private Villa?".

He leans in his chair and asks himself "What are you doing in the Private Villa? Visiting it in regular intervals?".

He hacks the hospitals' databases and searches for Lu Cheng's entries. He sees "No results".

He gets thinking and hacks 'Presidential School, City A' database.

He sits straight seeing something and stands shocked. He runs to biological lab next to his and yells "Ananya! ".

Ananya closes her ears and groans "Shut up!".

Dinesh sees her in bed and shakes her vigorously.

Ananya whines "What do you want!!?".

Dinesh says "I think...the subject..".

She sits surprised "Did you find it?".

He drags her and shows the reports from the school's database.

She squints her eyes and reads. Soon her face become shocked and blinks astonished.

She mumbles "Its really insane!! The subject is alive till now!!" and says reading the reports hurriedly "But the organs started to deteriorate! They are the symptoms".

Dinesh asks earnestly "Is it possible to transplant them?".

Ananya raises her eyebrows and looks at him in disdain. She laughs coldly "Do you think human body is a computer? To assign and dismantle as our wish? Even we transplant every organs we can't link everything with brain nerves!".

She folds her hands and asks "Do you think you can transplant every organs from different donor and connect with the brain !? Brain would cease and leads to brain dead! It's impossible for brain to merge with every new organs!? Even it worked, the subject is just 5 years old! It can't take more than 2 fatal surgeries!".

He asks "Then how about developing a new kid to replace -".

She gets irritated "Its would take a year Dinesh! And we need the main person who developed this subject! Only he can understand the subjects nervous system ! Didn't you say he died? We can't do this in a short span!".

Dinesh's face turned gloomy and shuts down the system.

Lu Cheng! What have you done?!

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