The Devil And The Huntsman II: Hell On Earth Book

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The Devil And The Huntsman II: Hell On Earth


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Delve Into The Darkness Once More After the events of "The Devil And The Huntsman," Satan has begun a new era of Darkness and Death after building his Kingdom, Apocrypha, onto the Earth. Ragnar of Midland, the Ranger; Iris of Kattegat, the Huntress; and Delphine of Moria, The Ebony Warrior, have been fighting for their lives against the Darkness. They threw away everything they ever loved and risked nothing to cleanse the Earth of its Great Evil. On this Earth, their relationship with each other began to develop, and their love for one another kept themselves alive. While searching for Satan's Kingdom On Earth, they come across new danger and new Evil lurking everywhere they go. The Demons grow stronger, and Satan's reign goes ever on and on. The Three Hunters will stop at nothing to make sure that everything that Satan has wrought will be undone. The Devil And The Huntsman II: Hell On Earth is the Sequel to the Dark Fantasy Series, "The Devil And The Huntsman." Find out how the Series Continues onward and how everything shall come to pass!


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