1 The day I went to Hell (Corrected)

Jacob awoke in the morning as he heard a earth-shattering knocking on his door. He slowly opened his eyes with an annoyed expression on his face as he picked himself of the bed.

"Hold your horses, I'm coming!!" He yelled, annoyed, as he tried to put on his pants.

The knocks were still not stopping as he was walking out of his room to open the door. He angrily opened the door after seeing it was still 6 am. It was a Saturday for f*cks sake!

"Alright, alright!! Who the f..!!" He started before seeing a young blue dressed lady with a badge on her chest standing outside his door.

If it was any other time he would have appreciated her beauty. She was a head shorter than him with green eyes and ink black, silk like hair that reached her shoulders in a straight line.

However, he only slept for three hours due to his overtime at his company so the only thing he noticed was the badge.

"A-Are you J-Jacob Williams?" She asked, stuttering a bit. She was a new recruit in her 20s and her supervisor was watching her from a little distance away for amuse... evaluation.

"Yeah that's me. There a problem officer?" Jacob asked, now more tired as he thought he scared her from his screaming earlier as he noticed how she stuttered.

She was able to get her cold police act back on track once she saw he calmed down.

"Ahem, yes I was sent here to inform you on a very important matter. You,uh, probably want to sit down." She said with a solemn look on her face.

"U-uh, give me a second!" Jacob said as he realized that she, a beautiful woman, he realized, was going to enter his messy apartment. He slammed the door and scrambled around hiding trash and picking up clothes.

The cop was shocked as she saw the door slammed in her face and as she heard something akin to an elephant stampede going on. Her supervisor walked to her side as he held his stomach and his shoulders trembled as he tried to hold in his laughter at her expression.

"The cold recruit still has child-like expression,huh.' He thought to himself.

She noticed him as he approached her and stopped by her side still trembling slightly. Her face grew a bit hot as she faced the door again.

"Okay, come in!" He said, a bit out of breath as he gestured towards a small dining table after opening the door again.

They sat down and Jacob saw that their expression were solemn and they look kind of tense.

"So... what's all this about?" He said, his voice laced with exhaustion.

"There is no easy way to tell you this..." the man started, as he looked towards his little 'apprentice', but with no more humor in his eyes. It was part of her training to be able to handle this situation.

"W-well Mister Williams, we came to inform you that...your p-parents and sister have been in an accident a few hours ago." She said slowly as she herself knew that it was difficult being told this.


Jacob's face paled as he heard this. He only had his parents and his cute little sister in this world now. He had no other friends or relatives and if something were to happen to them, he would literally have nothing else to live for.

He resisted the urge to grab the young cop's shoulders and calmly asked as he clenched his fist hard enough to draw some blood.

"Are they alright?" He asked his whole body trembling.

The cops noticed the blood sliding down the uneven wooden table and knew that despite his calm face, he was holding back great worry.

"No. Unfortunately, the car that crashed into them...didn't give them a chance at survival." The young cop said slowly, trying to pick the best words to give it to him as gently as possible. But really that's impossible.

A shadow covered his face as he stood up and walked unsteadily to the bathroom.

"Give me a minute." He said coldly without facing them as he locked the door.

The cops looked at each other with complicated expressions before looking back at the closed door.

Jacob stares at his dead eyes in his mirror before he smiled. His smile grew before he started chuckling slightly. His chuckling grew into laughter and his laughter started to become very hysterical at the end before tears started to fall down his face, turning into streams as they slid towards the drain.

The cops heard his hysterical laughter and became tense as they slowly stood up and kept their hands close to their batons.

Suddenly the laughter stopped as he turned on the water and splashed some on his face before opening the door as water drips from his hair. He walked to his room to get a jacket and walked towards the door, completely ignoring the cops as he headed to the exit.

The cops, who were worried he would do something in his unstable state, looked at each other before following him outside.

Jacob's eyes were dead. He didn't even know what he was doing as his heart hurt too much. He just walked like a zombie towards a nearby convenience store and buying a few cans of beer.

He took them towards a nearby park that was empty as it was still morning and sat on the bench. He opened up a can as he downed the whole drink, all the while failing to notice the young woman standing a few feet away from him as she looked with a worried expression on her face.

He stayed like that for 20 minutes finishing his third can before putting on his hood and walked away. The cop walked behind him with her hand at her sides, still able to get a weapon easily, just in case. Her supervisor watched from a distance as this was her duty. He was just there in case of emergencies.

As they walked, the woman asked him a question, albeit a very stupid one.

"Hey...are you ok?"

The look in Jacob's eyes as he stared at her made a chill go down her spine. His eyes were empty. Nothing but endless hopelessness could be seen before he turned back around and continued on his walk.

As she was about to say something else, a loud crash can be heard echoing through the streets.

They stopped as they were crossing the street and saw an out of control truck swaying from left to right as it traveled towards them at great speed.

At this moment, the cop froze as her whole body trembled. She was still young so such a small incident made her forget everything.

Jacob, however, already lost the will to live. So at that moment, it was as if time stopped. He saw the cop was frozen and could also see the other one running towards them. It looked like he was going in slow motion.

As he looked back at the woman, the image of his little sister overlapped with her for a split second. His eyes regained a small twinkle as his lips formed a small, hopeless smile.

As the truck was coming he grabbed the cops arm and threw her to the other side of the street as she looked at him with wide eyes.

He only smiled before the truck sent him flying, leaving behind a trail of blood in the air.

He landed with a loud thud as the truck crashed in a nearby building.

After getting over the shock, the female cop ran over to him. Her face paled as small tears ran down her cheeks at the sight she saw. Jacob's body was covered in blood as she ran towards him. Her supervisor was calling for an ambulance but she could barely hear anything other than Jacob's weakened breathing.

He looked over at her and actually managed to smile slightly before saying something only she heard.

"A-at least I-I was usef-ull at the e-end,huh?" He whispered as he smiled slightly at the woman holding his hand, screaming something. His vision darkened as his body felt numb the last thing he saw were two beautiful green eyes that were crying profusely before he succumbed to the endless darkness.

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