452 Son of a B*t*h*

Glass at the tip of her lips. All it takes is a sip and the moment of decision to shape the destiny of the little life growing inside her. At the last moment, Leena held back. Her Francy always tells her not to eat anything given by a stranger. Harm can come in any form. 'Enger will not directly harm me, but if he knows I am pregnant..I can't take the risk.'

The doctor checked her pulse and heartbeat. Did she find out and tell him? According to the research she did yesterday, it's not possible to guess the early days of pregnancy without running proper tests. Be it her motherly protective instincts or this suspicious place. Her evil third eye was blinking inside her mind with no hesitation. Her sixth sense set a supernatural order to follow her intuition. Without a second thought, Leena put the glass back into the cart.

''Call him.'' She said. A confrontation with him is needed today.

''Huh?'' Aunt Milana stared at her without blinking her eyes.

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