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Joy bubbled up Leena's face like she was ready to dance, but considering she was pregnant, she dropped the idea not to hurt her baby. As slow as a snail, holding the walls for support, she stepped out of the bathroom to her place and gingerly sat on the chair. 

''Our baby is coming soon!'' She kicked her legs in the air in happiness as the truth sank in. 

''When did this happen? Was it in the wood house?'' She muttered in disbelief. Only the first three to four times he entered with protection. Later, Leena felt a lack of intimacy, the energy exchange between Devin and her became obscure, which she didnot like. She told Devin she would take pills, but he didnot allow her to use them once. In turn, until she was ready, he would pull out at the peak time. ''It seems he couldn't control out of happiness on that day—my poor babylicious.''


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