The Devil's Sleeping Beauty
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The Devil's Sleeping Beauty


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What is The Devil's Sleeping Beauty

Read The Devil's Sleeping Beauty novel written by the author BerriApplepi on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, reincarnation, comedy, mystery, beauty. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


(Updates every weekly) She had always thought that he was a devil in human flesh. She feared him and hated him for the sins he committed but after seeing how much he changed to be a better person for her, it took her a great amount of courage to forgive him since by the time she found out the truth about him, she had already loved him. From being the worst husband and father to the best husband and father one can ever have, He was given a second chance to correct every wrong deed he did. He was the man who destroyed their family and it took death to make him realize his wrongdoings. ------ Author: BerriApplepi IG: @berriapplepi Discord: https://discord.gg/z56kkGG Donate: paypal.me/berriapplepie FB Page: Berriapplepi Modern Fairytale series: The Devil's Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty) Ten Years Late: The Bullied Husband(Little Red Riding Hood) Beast Under Her Dress: Princess, Don't Run! (Beauty and the Beast) The Devil Who Devoured Snow White(Snow White) My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife (Cinderella) Ways on How to Confess (Little Mermaid) The chapters are still in the process of being edited. Cover by bizzybiin


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Truly a very interesting twist to the reincarnation genre. Hopefully ppl will read the synopsis well so they understand what the author does 1/4 into the story. so prepare for an emotional rollercoaster ride! 🙃 I'll be moving on to reading the extra chapters next. 💎💖💎


Xia meilin and Lu Yifeng were the best love birds. Meilin forgave her husband for the deeds he did in the past. Lu Mello found love in his parents that was nice


Will be shamelessly reviewing my work. This Novel is inspried by the original, dark story of Sleeping Beauty. I was just watching random videos in YT when I suddenly came into the fairytale hahaha. It inspired me to write this Novel. :D


I will do a decent and shameless review for my novel. For those who are just starting to read this novel, this is what you need to expect in the story: Writing Quality: I am an ******* writer and I know that I have my own limitations but because of my love for writing stories, that limitations won't stop me from writing. I have some editors and they are currently working on the chapters. Unless the chapter has an 'Edited' on the chapter title then rest assure that chapter has been edited. If there's none, then you can already expect to see some errors in it. Stability of the Update: It actually depends on my schedule since I am a student but I update every week. Story Development: The first few chapters are a bit fast-paced since back then, I was planning to make this story short (20 chapters). But since it has caught the attention of so many readers, I have decided to prolong the story. I MIGHT come back in the first few chapters to add and rewrite some parts once my summer vacation starts. Character Development: (Warning: There will be some spoilers in this part. I didn't turn on the Spoiler since I want EVERY new readers to read this hahahah) My FL is a bit weak-willed woman but her character will develop as the story goes on. She is a family-oriented woman. As a mother, she always think of the REPUTATION of her son and this will be the reason on why she never reported the ML to the media and the police. FL is a mother and she's doing what every mother will do; to protect their child. As for my ML, since this is based on the original dark story of Sleeping Beauty, I have to let him 'rape' her and be the FL's ML. In the original SB, the ML is the king who raped Talia. (Original Sleeping Beauty is entitled 'Talia, Moon and Sun') But since I am against rape and I don't want to trivialize it, I made the situation kinda similar with LT and NX instead, the ML being influenced by an incense scent. FL and ML are both VICTIMS by someone who plotted against the FL. I advice new readers to read the chapters CAREFULLY and consider the smallest detail of a character's actions. For those who say that the whipping is not enough to make the grandparents acknowledge him, you don't know how painful it is to get whipped everyday, one wound on top of another can be fatal, it can cost him his life, despite knowing that he can die AGAIN, he still went on to accept the whipping EVERYDAY. Because of his persistence, the grandparents was able to see that he was really genuine. I didn't put the ML's past life in the start of the story because I want it to be different so you will read it later in story as a form of FLASHBACK. As for the second FL, I can only say one thing. She's SHAMELESS. (lol) The second ML is also... you'll meet him soon if you continue on reading. I won't give any spoilers for him. World Background: Most of the events are happening in the the modern day China. **. Please don't judge this book just because there's a 'rape' theme. What really happened will be revealed as the story goes on. Also, don't judge this story just because you read a 'few chapters'. Because that doesn't tell everything about the story. At least read 50 chapters before you judge this story. Hahaha As what one of my readers said, second chances such as rebirth is only given to those who really really regret their actions. This is a love story. A story about how love can blind a person, a story about forgiveness and redemption. "I know that I don't deserve to be loved. But I am a man capable of loving someone. I have died once because the great sins I did against her, but I was given another life to live to make up for it. No matter how much she despise and hate me, the fact that I love her will never change. I will always love her, from one life to another, my feelings will never change even if she ends up betraying me." -LYF


This novel is gem. Yes, there is "r-a-p-e" and some may be put off by it but read it with an open mind. It wasn't rape in the legal sense, and the guy truly was innocent of it. However, many were so blinded by emotions and hate to actually understand that part. Having said that, what I find refreshing in this novel is the fact that the leads are human. They have flaws but more importantly, they are working to overcome those flaws. If you are patient enough and read this, you will find yourself locked in a roller coaster of emotions, swinging between anger then peace, hate then love. Author loves to play with out feelings indeed. Read this with an open mind and you'll find ... believable characters that you start rooting for.


This is a truly beautifully written novel. The reincarnation aspect of the novel only adds to its beauty, despite what others may say. You can really see the desperation with which the ML wants to have the FL and how much he cares for the FL at the same time because he restrains himself to not commit the same mistakes. Other than that, while there are a few minor errors in grammar and such, I still give 5 stars because it is deserving of a 5-star review. I'm obsessed and I will shamelessly beg the author for a mass release soon. Cliffhangers are so mean!


Reveal spoiler


Its a wonderful story. Liked the sudden twist of the time travel. Its nice to see how the ml is trying his best. Mello is very cute & adorable & just love the way he loves his parents & respects his elders.


Glad I found the amazing story here. It is not typical romance story where FL will forgive the ML easily. There are consequences of actions taken which contribute to the plot. Great plot with amazing characters, especially Little Mello is so cute here. Plz updates more chapters.


Amazing story I really love how you capture his hardness and soft gentleness at the same time. I love how he is utterly and madly in love with her it's just beautiful


I loved this novel, it makes me giggle everytime the guy makes his moved to the girl and how the girl try to avoid it hahaha it makes me believed in love again. Well, I want to read more of this. Please update!


I am having a review swap with BerriApplepi, so here we go: Being based off the true dark story of Sleeping Beauty intrigued me, search for it, it is kinda ****ed up. There we go. Now let's go over my qualms with the story... MC is described as having Riches, Beauty, and Brain while having a love of sleeping and disposition to literally sleep anywhere. This seems fishy AF, no one with any brain sleeps anywhere in public without someone they trust watching over. While the starting events happened because the MC was drugged, sleep disorder/ narcolepsy is a real thing and IDK, I think this novel kinda cheapens having it. You know, narcolepsy sufferers have constant fatigue due to extreme sleep deprivation, sleep attacks, memory issues - short term memory loss, fake memories, hallucinations and brain fog, loss of control over muscles... Not being able to sleep brings a whole range of problems. Sorry if my rant felt like it came out of nowhere, but narcolepsy is serious business.


Aww little Mello is Soo cute..... please momma no no for other man....hahaha.... can't wait for next chapter.....this story wins my heart all the characters are perfect... specially little Mello....he is the star for sure I just can't wait to see his mommy and daddy together.


Author, when will she forgive him? I feel so sorry for the male lead. He deserves a second chance. I can't wait for the next update 😘😘😘😘😘😘


Congratulations to my fellow author BerriApplePi for completing this novel! Don't forget your promise to treat me to halo-halo WITH ice cream when we do meet! I just binge-read your novel. Made me angry, made me giggle, and made me kilig. G'luck on your next novel! Iwagayway ang bandila ng mga Pinoy! 😙


Ohhh... im glad i read this novel u have right now... 😁😁😁 Author-san! May ur novel be blessed with a lots of readers and viewers so that u can update more offen.... * evil laugh😈😈😈.. ur last novel is sooo good...*thumbs up 👍👍👍...


She was DRUGGED, he was PROVOKED by HER actions. They're strangers to each other and I believe, whatever your position is, in life no one deserves to be wronged. I blame NONE of both, what's done was done. Someone plotted it so that she will be raped. STOP FUSSING too much about it, wasn't LT and NX almost in the same situation, yet WE LOVE IT? It is because EVERYONE, especially in this FANTASY WORLD, deserves a CHANCE... because THEY DO. 😇😇😇


It's the best! I like the way you insert the reincarnation plot. I've always liked it since in the real life ww would never got the chance to do over things. I really like the way Lu Yifeng regret his actions. Thank you for making this story have happy ending rather than sad ending. I should thank your friend for it. I'm also amazed by the level of your writing. I have read a lot of web novels so i know yours is of high quality. I hope you will continue on writing novel. I wish for your health and your success.


Good start aawesome english. Plz update more often¡!!!!!!!!!!!???!!!!!! Why is writing so difficult in mobiles!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! 140/ch


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