1 How I Became The Devil

It was a wet winters evening when I was at the radio station it was almost the end of my shift when my boss ,Jackson, called me into his office which was purely glass. At this point I'm wondering wether I'm going to be fired I have been a little off recently and I don't know why. Then he said,

" Hello Andrew, take a seat "

" Sure " I replied

" So I have called you in here to offer you a promotion. So what do you say. " Said Jackson but I responded a little bit different then to how others would. I'm guessing you want to know how I responded well I was having an emense urge to kill my boss. So how did I stop this urge, well I jumped over his desk and started ripping his throat out, you could probably imagine how the rest of the workers reacted. For some reason I was enjoying eating my bosses throat and all the screaming and running.

You might be wondering when I started to have this killing instinct. It was three days ago when I was walking home the normal way I go, this is normally through the backstreets of New York, when I noticed there was a massive crack in the floor. So I went to investigate then I almost fell in but it came to my sences that I didn't fall or slip it was someone grabbing my leg. I looked down it was like it was covered in blood and I was terrified my natural instinct was to stamp on it so I did but the grip just got tighter. I thought there is something wrong here it's not dragging me why... soon I found out there was an excruciating pain running up my leg like some sort of knife. It was at this moment It let go and I ran and ran and ran untill I got home but what I saw was horrifying... my leg was completely black and I felt evil like I wanted to see suffering, create suffering and destroy people.