1 Zhou Biyu

As the darkness cocooned the sky and moon shone above the passing clouds, a girl in her young twenties just reached her new house.

Seeing the glittering stars and the luminescence engulfing the sky, her lips curved up into a happy, bright smile.

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"You can leave the house after shifting my luggage upstairs" Zhou Biyu smiled politely at the people whom she never met even once in her life.

These are the people who are loyal servants of her paternal family. She had lived with her maternal family ever since her parents died and have only arrived back to the country today night. So, she has basically never met this people till now.

"But young miss, master ordered us to accompany you till tomorrow morning" the butler answered politely.

As the condition is currently not at all good in the country, they couldn't help but worry about her.

After all, she is the only heiress of this powerful family who just came back to the country to take over her father's responsibilities.

If anyone from their enemies wanted to target them, she will be their first target because she is the most fragile one...or at least that is what others would think.

"Uncle, nothing will happen to me. All I want now is to spend some alone time in my parent's house. The security around the house is already enabled. Rest assured that no one can enter the house" Zhou Biyu answered politely as she smiled like an angel descended from heaven.

"Yes, young miss." he bowed and rushed to order the house staff.

As everyone vanished from her sight, Zhou Biyu sighed. "I am tired, but I still have a long night to go" she muttered under her breath and fished out her encrypted, private mobile.

[ I reached the main mansion. I will be resting in hour or so]

She messaged the person and deleted it as soon as the message is sent.

[Copied. Plan active.]

But the next message made her smile like a full moon...

[Be careful]

The message came in an encrypted form but for someone like her, who is a pro in tech it didn't take her more than a few seconds to decode it in her mind.

She read the message and deleted it before chucking it back in her huge Chanel handbag. After she was done, she looked at the butler who is hiding behind one of the large bushes.

They don't know her properly, so they have thought that she can't look through his action. She knew that he is calling his master who is her uncle, Zake Walker.


"Sir, young miss wanted us to leave the house as soon as we are done. What shall we do?" Butler asked his master as he sneaked a glance at the girl who is looking into her mobile.

"Well, she is your madam now. You must follow her orders. If she wants to be left alone then let her get what she wants. Her happiness matters me most, Harley" her uncle, Zake Walker said from the other side.

"Yes sir. But I am worried about miss's security. With our enemies hunting us...I don't think leaving miss alone is the wisest decision" the old butter named Harley said concernedly.

"Haha...Harley....how can you underestimate my niece? She can protect herself if something like that happens. And moreover, such type of invasions will never happen."

"The security around the palace is as strong as ever. Just let her do whatever she wants" Zake Walker said.

"And... another thing. There is no need to hide behind the bushes. She has already found you and she exactly knows what you are doing now." Zake laughed.

His niece sent him a picture of the butler who is standing behind one of the many bushes.

Butler coughed and his face reddened with embarrassment as he looked at his young miss who is chuckling as she looked at him.

She is just standing behind him with her arms crossed over her chest. "Uncle, you can't hide anything from me. This is just like playing hide and seek in open playground" Zhou Biyu giggled.

Butler almost coughed his blood. Hide and seek in open ground!!!


They are now standing in the garden which is almost spread out in ten thousand square feet. He is currently hiding in the place which is the most hidden part of this labyrinth like garden.

"Sorry miss. We are concerned about your safety. Otherwise I would not have deceived your order" he bowed.

"It's fine. I understand...but don't worry about me. I can manage myself." Zhou Biyu smiled.

The happiness she wished for or the destructive consequences in case if she fails.


Zhou Biyu is also called Evelyn Walker.

Zhou Biyu is her Chinese name, named by her maternal family while Evelyn Walker is her English name used by her paternal family.


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