134 You can tease me anytime

"Sleepy? But I think your sleep will fly away after finding out what my surprise is" Jasper grinned as he continued playing with the strip of her camisole which is hugging her shoulder. He playfully tugged it down and Biyu shrieked in surprise. But that didn't stop him because he can see that she is enjoying. 

"Hey" Biyu laughed again, when he slipped her another strip too. Then he abruptly started kissing her neck and shoulders making her laugh because of ticklish feeling. His hands traveled beneath her thin top and he started tickling her waist. 

"Hey….hey stop it. I am not sleepy anymore all right" she squealed as he continued teasing her. "Jas, if you continue this…." Biyu challenged while she stopped him from a brief second. 

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"Hmm…..if I continue, what??" Jasper asked her as he abruptly flipped her so she is now under him. He stopped tickling her but his lips fervently collided with her lips. 

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