184 You are engaged to Mr. Braxton(Jasper)!!

Crouching down haughtily, Biyu looked at Emma in mockery. Her eyes full of ridicule. 

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"You are right. I was the one who throwed you out of production. But not by currying favors from some one. I have all the rights and authority to do whatever I want in ADORN" Biyu said. 

Emma looked at Biyu in shock. 

She would have ridiculed Biyu for talking like this but that gravity in her voice….it made Biyu look like she is a hot shot CEO, rather than a model. 

"Wh…why sho....should I believe you??" Emma asked stuttering. 

She felt so vulnerable due to Biyu's imposing and dominative aura. She can feel pressure from Biyu's ominous look. 

"Why should you believe me?? Uhmm...you should believe me because you are now kicked out of the project. You must believe me because, from tomorrow you will no longer continue in this entertainment circle. Emma, your time starts now…get ready face your karma" Biyu told. 

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