188 Ye Mei wakes up

He is also aware that Zhou family is not yet ready to reveal who is the adopted heiress of Zhou family. They are afraid that someone are intentionally killing his daughter's (Biyu's mother) children. 

But little William would have expected that all these events are each of the steps to his demise. 

Later they went back to their respective rooms and pretended as if they were asleep. 

However, William is thinking how to make his plan more flawless and successful while Chloe is thinking how to ruin his plan and make him useless just like a beggar. 

Soon the Sunrise lit up the sky and they got ready for their marriage. Dressed up in simple clothes they took a low key car and started their journey to civil bureau. 

Meanwhile, Chloe is little tensed. It's bot because of marriage but because of the message she got earlier from Jasper. 

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He just informed her what Emma is going to try to do. She wants to kill her so that she won't marry William. 

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