131 Ye Mei talks about Ye family and Linda

At last she understood what is actually happening. 

"Thanks Mei. I have to agree that you are actually a perfect match to my brother too. My fear was actually pointless" Biyu said as she smiled. 

"I am glad that you trust and believe in me despite my family and its bad reputation." Ye Mei answered. The smile on her face is enough to tell how grateful she is. 

"I was raised by my grandparents from my childhood. When I was born, my parents are not at all happy because I am a girl. They needed a heir who can give them a stable position in the family. So, they didn't care for me a lot and when William is born, they totally started disregarding me" Ye Mei said while her eyes brimmed with pain and sadness. 

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"My grandmother, Madam Ye noticed how they are neglecting me and took decision to raise me. That is the reason I didn't grow up in that greedy, power hungry, cunning family. I don't care about them either" Ye Mei said. 

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