190 Ye Mei is Mrs. Zhou!!!

But no problem. 

His wife will be here to support him. 

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His trump card, his months of hard work and wooing will be at last paid today 

"Sir, Ms. Zhou is here" personal secretary of Elder Ye informed. 

And at that exact time, the double doors opened again. 

A woman dressed in red formal suit and her hair bundled up on her shoulders at either sides walked inside. 

Her five inch high heels made a reverberating sound all across the conference room. 

Her imposing aura and dominating demeanor overwhelmed almost everyone. Her charisma and grace blinded the young shareholders. 

"Here comes my precious sister" Feng told as he stood up and took Biyu's hand. 

Smiling at her with lot of affection brimming in his eyes, Feng hugged her. 

Biyu smiled at everyone and slightly bowed to the elders infront of her. 

Till now as she walked into the room everyone thought her to be domineering and cold like her brother. 

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