150 Ye Mei's chat with Linda...

"Right away my lady. Does the highness wants me to help her get dressed?" Feng asked placing a kiss on her bare shoulder which is full of hickeys, bruises and bite marks that were created by him in their intimate session. 

"I don't want someone to loose their control again and ruin my date. So, I better don't let you see me like this" Ye Mei smirked making Feng narrow his eyes. 

"Ruin your date, love? How about we go for another three to four rounds of love making and then I can promise you that I will not lose my self control" Feng asked. 

His voice is dangerous yet calm while his hands moved to untie Mei's bathrobe sash…..ready to fulfill his part of the deal. However, Ye Mei shivered a little when he hugged her. 

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Her waist is already sour and she doesn't want it to get intensified. For God's sake, the real deal will start at night!! 

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