152 Williams downfall is in her hands now

Everyone were already seated in the room, waiting for Jasper and Biyu to come. None of them answered the call nor they replied to their messages. 

They don't know that both of them were indulged in something which they are not gonna finish any soon. The flames has ignited and it will be almost impossible to make them extinguish anytime sooner. 

However, others were not bored that they have to wait for the main couple to arrive. Everyone are busy in watching Mei's meeting with the young master of Zhang family. As Feng was worried for her safety,  all of them have decided to keep an eye on the Zhang Kang. 

Even a single inappropriate move, he is done for good. Feng will not leave that Bastard for trying to take advantage of his baby girl. 

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On the other hand, Feng is not the only person checking upon Ye Mei and Zhang Kang. Her brother, William Ye have also had his people watching over them. 

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