174 William meets Biyu again

"Mr. Braxton, we didn't expect you here" William said, totally trying to bootlick Jasper. 

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"I am owner of these hospitals, Mr. Ye. This hospitals across the world belongs to my maternal family and my best friend's wife isn't good. So, how am I not supposed to come?? My wife would turn this world upside down if I neglect her best friend who is in need of help." Jasper told. 

William was dumbfounded all again. 

He never thought that Jasper is married and he is so smitten to his wife. He didn't understand why these both (Feng and Jasper) are wrapped around little fingers of their wife's. 

He doesn't know how true loves feels like, so obviously he didn't understand the most important essence of love. 

But he did understand one thing. 

Never offend this two women. 

But little he know that he offended both of them and his doomsday is so around the corner. 

Meanwhile, William's parents are shocked because of Jasper's words. 

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