78 William is in country X....

"Are you sure that you want to come?" Jasper asked again to Linda. 

He didn't know why but he started having a bad premotion. So, he couldn't help but feel that she shouldn't come. Biyu sighed. Though she don't remember their past together, she is adamant about their love. She knew that she love him to her life and he is no less. But the only thing is that he don't know who she really is. According to him, she is Linda….so, it is natural for him to keep a distance from her. As he is purely on love with Biyu that would he never see Linda in that way. Never…..again. But as Biyu….she is carving for his love. She want to tell him that she is Biyu, the woman he love. But she is literally helpless…..He wouldn't believe her…...after all it is too fictinal to even think it is possible. Coming out of her reverie, she felt his questioning gaze still lingering on her...she cleared her throat. "Of course, I want to come. I might not be as close as you with Alex and Liam...but still they are my friends who helped me at my lowest. It is my responsibility as their friend to stand up for them now" she answered rather genuinely. Meanwhile, Jasper is flabbergasted by her response. Not that he didn't expect this from Linda….but he is more shocked because she sounded like Biyu now. The way she said those words with sincerity and pure concern…...he couldn't help but remember Biyu. She sounded so like Biyu that he can almost see Biyu in Linda for a split second. Shooking his head, Jasper closed his eyes. His mind must be playing with him now. As he is deep into Biyu's, she simply couldn't go out of his mind. Every thought, every dream is about her...only her. Pinching his eyebrows in helplessness, Jasper composed his wandering heart. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href>www.webnovel.com/book/the-devil&apos;s-little-villainess_15203207706502105/william-is-in-country-x...._42094850803286323 for visiting."But you have to be careful alright. This is Country X…..the danger might come from any corner. Be cautious" Jasper warned her last time before going into his chamber in his private flight. He must sleep….otherwise his migraine will show up again and he couldn't concentrate on the prime reason. Meanwhike, Biyu sighed. She couldn't help but hope that her memories will  return after she visit country X. ...."This is the private sector where Alex is being taken care of. We are in one of the council's base now….so, please do coperate with the security protocol here" Jasper instructed Linda indifferently as he showed her where Alex is. She is still unconscious….sleeping on the huge bed. "Don't worry about her. I will take care of everything. You concentrate on Liam all right." Biyu said before going inside and closing the door. However, Jasper stood there….again in the daze. To be precise, he didn't talk to Linda much after she came out of coma. He is too busy in his own matters to even think about talking to her leisurely.But now as he talked with her, he couldn't help but think that, this new Linda resemble his Biyu a lot. Jasper sighed. His heart is filled with many questions which are throbbing him for answers. 'Who exactly is Linda? How is she connected to Zhou Feng and Evelyn Zhou's Biyu?' he thought. He knew that Linda is a orphan. So, how can she be someone's cousin But with the important matter in his hands, he quickly went back to headquarters to meet his elite team. These can wait a little, but rescuing Liam can't wait. It is matter of his life......Meanwhile in China… In City H…..William is pacing to and fro as his house staff packed his luggage. He have to go to country X to seize a deal with almighty Braxton corporations. As they will be establishing their branch in city H, William's father, Mr. Ye insisted him to meet the concerned person directly in country X. So, he couldn't help but agree. Moreover, he can take his mistress with him and enjoy some time there before coming back and search for potential candidate to become his wife. But little he know,  whom he will be encountering there….
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