80 William and Linda

So, were these memories of Linda? 

Did Linda knew anything about this white shadows organization….

As Biyu thought about it, her head started to ache and her heart grew heavier.

This logo of white shadows organization…..it might have been something like a bad memory for Linda.

But Biyu isn't sure if these were really memories of Linda.

But….in case, if Linda was really aware of this assassination group and suffered because of them…..was Jasper, the reason for that? 

After all, she was his girlfriend back then before she disappeared. That makes sense right!! 

"Hey, you fine? Why are you sweating so much and why were your hands trembling?" Jasper asked little worried.

He has been observing her since he thanked her but, she was in a daze while her eyes were fixed on the file.

Coming out of her reverie, Biyu blinked her eyes as she regained her senses. 

"It's nothing. I am worried about Liam and Alex. This enemy doesn't look simple at all." Biyu pursed her lips.

"They aren't. But the council is no less." Jasper whispered mostly to himself.

"Well…anyway, I am going to Alex and Liam's house for finding something. If Alex needs something you can come with me to collect them." Jasper said.

"Yeah, actually I was about to ask you that. Can we stop by the nearby mall? Uhmm…Alex wants something personal" Biyu asked as she combed her hair with one hand out of nervousness. 

Jasper looked at her and this small action made him remember Biyu. She used to do this when she was nervous.

He couldn't help but think of the close resemblance between both women. 

Their faces were different, but their actions, nature and the way they talk to others…they are way more similar.

"Yeah, sure…nervous We will be leaving in five minutes" Jasper said and stood up. Indirectly gesturing her that it's time for her to leave the room. 

He is actually dropping by Liam's house because he knew that his friend would always have some backup plan. Something that could help them to track him down.

However, he can't let anyone the suspect his visit and that was the reason he needs Linda to come with him….so, that it will just look like a casual visit. 


"You want me to accompany you?" Jasper asked. 

They are currently in the car which is parked at one of the high-end shopping malls. 

"Nope. I am good. I just need half an hour to finish. And I think you need some rest….so, why don't you take a nap in meanwhile" Biyu smiled.

She couldn't help but feel concerned about him. Though her memories are yet to return, she is at least aware of how much she loves him. 

As soon as he heard it, unfathomable emotions rushed up in his heart. He didn't know why but every time he sees Linda, he remembers his Biyu.

Nodding his head, he opened the car door with the help of the internal panel. 

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Biyu understood his gesture and silently alighted the car before going into the shopping mall. 

He needs some time alone for himself. Only he knows how much turmoil he is going through now.

Meanwhile in Mall…

Biyu has her face covered with scarf…. So that only her eyes will be visible.

Though Linda is a supermodel and actor, most of the country X is not aware of her. They might have heard her name but they wouldocan't have seen her real face. But, Biyu but she felt like it is necessary to cover her face.

Might be Linda's instincts….she has been feeling that insecure and uncomfortable emotion ever since she entered the country.

It might be because of Linda's subconsciousness that was warning her to be careful. 


Meanwhile, at the same time, Coincidentally, William and his mistress have also come to the mall. 

His mistress, who is famously called as Emma.....dragged him here so that she can shop till she drops. 

However, William didn't kind it tough. He will get everything he wants at night. It is just an exchange to give him some pleasure.

"William, I am feeling so relieved after that bitch died. No need to hide from her" she chuckled as she gave her black card to swipe.

After spending some good amount of dollars, she exited the shop and continued to the jewelry section.

"Emma, don't talk about the dead people like that. Give some respect" William hissed.

Is he the only one who is feeling her absence. That nagging pit named guilt is deeply eating him hisr months.

"Haha…William, why are you so old minded? What will she do? Come as the ghost and haunt us…Haha," she laughed. 

Meanwhile, her eyes fell on the lingerie shop and he lips curved up sinister. It's been many says she seduced William. After Linda's death, she didn't had that necessity to do so.

"Let's see what I  can give you this night" she whispered seductively, making his eyes darken.

And they entered the shop in which Biyu is also present….shopping for Alexandra 

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