141 William and his fake heiress

Jasper frowned and his eyebrows burrowed. "What are you trying to imply here, baby girl? Is anything wrong??....You and Blake were acting weird since yesterday evening" he worriedly asked. 

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"I will tell at evening. Mei booked a private room in one of Su Jun's hotels. We will discuss it there" Biyu said as she continued sitting on his lap, gazing out through car windows. 

"I am fine with it baby. Be ready by eight at evening all right, I will try to come as soon as I can" Jasper told. 

He got ready in his private jet itself and is  dressed up in his business attire. He just wanted to drop Biyu in their house. 

"I will. Have a good day darling and don't forget to have lunch in time" Biyu kissed his cheek and is about to alight the car but Jasper held her back. 

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